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Utsuho wins Reimu[edit]

Utsuho あ、巫女だ
Hey, it's a shrine maiden.
I can't tell you shrine maidens apart from one another.

Utsuho wins Marisa[edit]

Utsuho そんな火力じゃ鳥も焼けないね You couldn't even roast a bird with that firepower.

Utsuho wins Sakuya[edit]

Utsuho 小手先の技は圧倒的なパワーには敵わないのさ Techniques that are only fancy tricks are no match for overwhelming power.

Utsuho wins Alice[edit]

Utsuho その人形……
That doll...
I'm sure it can explode even further!

Utsuho wins Patchouli[edit]

Utsuho ちんけな魔法に頼ってるんだね
You're relying on such pitifully boring magic aren't you.
From now on it's nuclear power. The nuclear age.

Utsuho wins Youmu[edit]

Utsuho 核融合で冶金して商売できそうだわ! With nuclear fusion you could even practice metallurgy and make a great business of it!

Utsuho wins Remilia[edit]

Utsuho ちょこまかと動いても変わらないよ!
Restlessly moving around non-stop isn't going to change a thing!
I'm not looking at you anyway.

Utsuho wins Yuyuko[edit]

Utsuho 怨霊に見慣れた私には、普通の幽霊が
I'm someone who's become used to vengeful spirits, so normal phantoms are refreshing.
Utsuho 怨霊は……



Vengeful spirits...

They have good manners,
but their true nature makes them painful to deal with.

Well, it's the fate of those who go to Hell:
even after becoming vengeful spirits, they still continue to be burned.

Utsuho wins Yukari[edit]

Utsuho え? 外の世界では核エネルギーに対する誤解が酷く
て、否定的な人が多いって? こんなに良いのに
Eh? There are many people outside who terribly misunderstand nuclear energy
and disapprove of its use? Even though it's so useful...

Utsuho wins Suika[edit]

Utsuho 大丈夫、地底都市は栄えるわ
It's okay, the Underground City can prosper.
After all, the only weakness the underground had was that it didn't have a sun!

Utsuho wins Reisen[edit]

Utsuho え? 核エネルギーより優れたものが有るって? Eh? There's something even more awesome than nuclear energy?

Utsuho wins Aya[edit]

Utsuho ごめん、新聞とか殆ど読んだことないや I'm sorry, I hardly ever read newspapers.

Utsuho wins Komachi[edit]

Utsuho 新しい地獄はどうなったのかなぁ
I wonder what's become of the new Hell?
I really want to take a peek.

Utsuho wins Iku[edit]

Utsuho へえ、雲の上にも海が有ったんだね Wow, there was a sea above the clouds too, wasn't there?

Utsuho wins Tenshi[edit]

Utsuho 貴方が要石を打ち込んだ張本人ね
So you're the perpetrator who inserted the keystone.
It looks like the keystone was working effectively, the Lord of the land that it is.

Utsuho wins Sanae[edit]

Utsuho あ、巫女だ
Hey, it's a shrine maiden.
I can't tell you shrine maidens apart from one another.

Utsuho wins Cirno[edit]

Utsuho あれ? 消し飛んでいない
Wait, what? You didn't get blasted to smithereens.
Was the output too low...?

Utsuho wins Meiling[edit]

Utsuho 良く私に近づこうと思うね
You're always trying to close in on me.
Are you trying to burn yourself to death?

Utsuho wins herself[edit]

Utsuho 今日も太陽は燃え続ける The sun continues to burn today.

Utsuho wins Suwako[edit]

Utsuho ああ、今日も絶賛融合中です!
Ah yes, the energetic hydrogens are magnificently fusing today as well!

Utsuho wins someone[edit]

Utsuho 究極のエネルギーに誰も敵うまい! Nobody can withstand the ultimate energy!
Utsuho まだまだ暴れ足りないよ!
This still isn't enough to stop this surging feeling!
The nuclear reactions within me force me to rage even more!
Utsuho 太陽に比べれば貴方なんてちっぽけな存在
Compared to the Sun, you are but a puny existence.
But I won't show any sympathy.