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Touhou Hisoutensoku/Translation/Youmu's Script

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Youmu wins Reimu

Youmu 血液には鉄分が多いから刀のサビにする
Maybe you say "I shall make you the rust of my sword" because of the iron in blood?[1]

Youmu wins Sakuya

Youmu 日本の刀は斬る事に特化しています
Japanese swords are specialized for slashing.
They're much more refined than knives meant for stabbing.
Youmu 刀でナイフをたたき落とす事だって出来ます
It's possible to knock knives out of the air with a sword.
You can even cut an entire barrage of them if you try hard.

Youmu wins Remilia

Youmu 動きの速い者は眼を閉じた方が都合が良いって


Lady Yuyuko said that
against agile opponents, you should shut your eyes.

Is it because you don't see the afterimages when your eyes are shut?

Youmu 貴方のように刀に突っ込んできてくれる相手は
My sword can easily cut through
opponents like you.

Youmu wins Yuyuko

Youmu 幽々子様もたまには剣伎の修行もしましょうか
Lady Yuyuko, why don't you train sword techniques with me sometimes?
It'll settle your spirits, you know?
Youmu そういえば前に漬けていた漬け物なんですけど……



Oh right, about the pickled vegetables I was pickling before....

Strangely enough, I leave them out for days or even years, but they don't ever change much.

And to think the food at the shrine becomes delicious after one day of pickling....

Youmu なんか、春先に空を飛んでいたのは



It seems that thing flying in the air in the early spring was apparently a treasure ship.[2]

I didn't really understand after hearing about it from Reimu and the others,

but I'm glad it wasn't a boat that could cause us harm.

Youmu wins Yukari

Youmu ところで、この世とあの世の境界は
By the way, is it okay to keep the boundary between this world and the next ambiguous like this?

Youmu wins Suika

Youmu 鬼を斬る刀は特別だそうですね
I heard that the blades used for slaying oni are special.
Well then, I'll announce this sword is special too.

Youmu wins Komachi

Youmu 三途の河にいる子供の霊は助けないんですか?
Won't you help the spirits of the children by the Sanzu River?
I always worry about them crossing to the other side.

Youmu wins Tenshi

Youmu 天界、全然飽和状態じゃないじゃ無いですか
Looks to me that Heaven isn't saturated at all.
If this is all there is, then the Netherworld is far more crowded.
Youmu 春先に空飛んでませんでした?
You didn't fly around in early spring?
I saw this big ship-like thing. [3]

Youmu wins Sanae

Youmu へえ、外の世界にも神社ってあるんですね
So there are shrines in the outside world too, huh?
I thought that they were already a lost culture.

Youmu wins Cirno

Youmu 氷って乱暴に力を加えると砕けるから
You can break ice if you put enough reckless power into it,
so it's difficult to cut.

Youmu wins Meiling

Youmu 青竜刀とか使わないんですか?
Don't you use things like the Green Dragon Blade?
I hear things like that often... [4]

Youmu wins Utsuho

Youmu 爆発してるのに融合……???
It's fusion, but it explodes...???
I wonder what's going on there.

Youmu wins Suwako

Youmu 貴方が山の上の神様ですね?
Are you the god from top of the mountain?
You sure don't look like it.


^  "Make one the rust of one's sword" (刀の錆にする) is a common line that is spoken by a swordsman in Japanese fiction stories when just before he/she attempts to attack the enemy by his/her sword.
^  Youmu is referring to the Palanquin Ship here.
^  The Green Dragon Blade (青龍刀 seiryuutou) - short for the Green Dragon Crescent Blade (青龍偃月刀, Mandarin: qīng lóng yǎn yuè dāo, Japanese: Seiryuu Engetsu Tou) - is a type of polearm used long ago in China. Due to the popularity of this legendary weapon used by Guan Yu in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms it has become the most famous and the most typical Chinese weapon known to Japanese, which likely answers the reason why Youmu had brought this on topic. Incidentally, some Japanese people commonly confuse the Green Dragon Blade with other Chinese blades such as Liuyedao, but the "Green Dragon Blade" is only the abbreviation term for the Green Dragon Crescent Blade, so it's an incorrect usage of the term.