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Yukari wins Alice[edit]

Yukari 人の形をした物には心が宿る
A heart dwelling within a human-shaped object.
How is that different from a youkai, I wonder?

Yukari wins Patchouli[edit]

Yukari 外の世界の魔法はそんな原始的な物じゃないわ
The magic of the outside world is not so primitive.
Now, there are even things like giant robots. [1]

Yukari wins Remilia[edit]

Yukari 貴方の見たコウモリは、白かった?
That bat you saw, was it white?
Or was it black? [2]

Yukari wins Yuyuko[edit]

Yukari 最近忙しくてね
I'm busy lately.
I'm busy like it's peacetime! [3]

Yukari wins Suika[edit]

Yukari 鬼は良いわね、知名度があって
Oni are quite impressive, and quite popular.
Have you perhaps gathered more faith than the clumsy gods?

Yukari wins Aya[edit]

Yukari 人の形をした物には心が宿る
Hearts dwell within human-shaped objects.
And photographs are no exception.

Yukari wins Tenshi[edit]

Yukari 天界に昇った猿は、与えられた役職に怒って反逆し
The monkey who arose to the heavens rebelled from his post in rage.
In the end, he was imprisoned upon the mountain. [4]

Yukari wins Sanae[edit]

Yukari どう?
How is it?
Getting used to this place?

Yukari wins Cirno[edit]

Yukari もっと広範囲に涼しくできれば
If you could cool off a bigger area,
I don't think I'd be so annoyed at work.

Yukari wins Meiling[edit]

Yukari 赤い建物に貴方が住むなんて
You living in a red building,
that's some kind of joke, right? [5]

Yukari wins Utsuho[edit]

Yukari 太陽の力は本来妖怪には優しくない
Solar power is already not kind to the youkai.
However, your power goes too far, to the extent of evil.

Yukari wins Suwako[edit]

Yukari 神様ってのは自分勝手な輩が多いわね
There are many selfish ones among the gods.
I wonder if they don't notice because they are the receivers of faith.


^ The 1/1 scale Gundam Statue (commonly referred to as the Odaiba Gundam) stood at Odaiba, Tokyo from July to August 2009. This game was released at Comiket 76 during this time as well. Video.
^ This may be a reference to the manga, Billy Bat, where this question is an important plot device.
^ Meaning that she's not busy at all.
^  Sun Wukong of Journey to the West.
^ Other than the obvious communist reference, Meiling's surname "Hong" means red too, and she has red hair.