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Touhou Hisoutensoku/Translation/Yuyuko's Script

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Yuyuko wins Reimu

Yuyuko あれ?
What business do you have today?

Yuyuko wins Marisa

Yuyuko なんで、森は迷いやすいんでしょうね
Why is it that it's so easy to get lost in the forest?
Though it's easy to get lost, you don't really get lost....

Yuyuko wins Youmu

Yuyuko あら、剣の稽古?
Oh, sword training?
I don't care for such an unrefined kind of training, myself.

Yuyuko wins Remilia

Yuyuko 日は必ず昇る
The sun always rises.
Your weak point comes around once every day.
Yuyuko 気が付いていたかしら?



Have you realized?

A sun has risen from hell in order to bring you down.

Now, how will you react?

Yuyuko wins Yukari

Yuyuko ああ、退屈ね
Ahh, I'm bored.
Won't you bring something here?

Yuyuko wins Suika

Yuyuko あら、今年の花火は派手ね
Ah, the fireworks are really something this year.
What a wonderful sight.
Yuyuko 夏の風物詩といえば……



Speaking of summer activities...

It must be that game where you cover your eyes and smash something with a club.

Suika-bashing. [1]

Yuyuko wins Sanae

Yuyuko 貴方、今年はあちこち動き回っていたわね
This year you've been moving here and there.
Did something happen?

Yuyuko wins Cirno

Yuyuko ああ今年の夏は全部貴方に持っていかれてしまうわ
Ah, that's all I have for you this summer.
Having cool things in the summer is important.

Yuyuko wins Meiling

Yuyuko 太極拳って扇子と相性が良さそうよね Tai chi chuan goes well with paper fans, it seems. [2]

Yuyuko wins Utsuho

Yuyuko ああ、お日様は一つあれば十分なのに
Ahh, one sun is enough, especially in this summer heat!

Yuyuko wins Suwako

Yuyuko あら、神様でしたの。最近、巫女と神様のどっちが
Goodness me, you are a god. Recently, I haven't been able to tell whether shrine maidens or gods are the slaves of the other...
Yuyuko あそこの神社、神様が三人も居て狭くないの?



The shrine over there... doesn't it get crowded with three gods in it?

Hakugyokurou is many times bigger than that,
but it still feels cramped.

Ahh, I see. You've got no money.
Shrines are like that.


^ Suika is also Japanese for "watermelon". Watermelon-smashing is supposedly a common thing to do on Japanese beaches; plays like piñatas in the West.
^ Fans are actually recognized weapons in Chinese martial arts, and there are many forms and routines within the Chinese pugilistic society which involves the use of such fans. They are sometimes (but not commonly) used for form training in Tai Chi Quan as well.