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Touhou Hisoutensoku OST/Uni Akiyama's Comments

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萃夢想の頃は(多分)原作に合わせる気があった曲作りも、今回の非想天則ではすでにその面影は無く、フリーダムな曲調でお送りしました。ストーリー自体も割と普通でないので、丁度良かったのではないかと思います。思いたい。 While the songs I made for IaMP fit the series a lot better (probably), but for the songs I made for Hisoutensoku, I took more liberties in the composition. Since the story itself is comparatively stranger, I think that's about right. I want to think that, anyway.
タイトルが非想天則ということで、開発当初は緋想天と関係あると思い、緋想天の曲を絡めた演出なども色々考えていたのですが、シナリオを見たら緋想天とは全く関係の無いものでした。どういうこと…… 「君はあの影を見たか」で緋想天のフレーズが入っているのは、そのことを知る前に作っていたためです。会話イベントで緋想天の曲いっぱい使ってるし別に関係無くてもいいよね! Because the title is similar to Hisouten (SWR), I thought it was going to be related at first, and starting coming up with ways to musically tie the two together, but when I saw the scenario I realized they had nothing to do with each other. How did that happen...? That's why the title theme, "Did You See That Shadow?", has phrases from SWR, since it was made before I learned of the difference. It's got nothing to do with wanting to use a lot of songs from SWR coming up in the meetings!
それでは今回アレンジした3曲について。 Now, about the three songs I made or rearranged for this OST.
・アンノウンX ~ Unfound Adventure


- Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure

A song in a composition style I'm not terribly good at. I used another song as a reference but that's a secret.

・ぼくらの非想天則(Full ver.)

間奏のギターソロから最後の転調まで、それっぽく忠実に再現! ゲームを作ったときには、このようなフルバージョンを作ることは想定していませんでした。さすがに。

- Our Hisou Tensoku (Full Ver.)

From the guitar solo to the interlude to the final key change, I've faithfully recreated something like THAT song! While making the game, no one would've guessed that the full version would've turned out like this. Naturally.



- A Huge Shadow and a Tiny Conclusion

This song connects the opening theme to the credits theme, tending to use orchestral instruments like the opening. Also two entirely different songs, but I use the same phrase at the beginning and the end.

最後に、サントラの本体とも言うべき印刷物についてですが、使用されている絵全般は見て分かる通り、早苗シナリオの非想天則を前面に出した物になっています。エンディングしか出ていないはずなのに、この優遇っぷりはどういうことなんでしょう。不思議なことに、気が付いたら何故か非想天則のガレージキットまでできていました。勢いってこわいですね。本当にありがとうございました。 Finally, something I want to say about the printed soundtrack. After going through the different pictures, it was decided to use the one with Sanae for the cover. While it's something that should be saved for last, like an ending, I wonder how it got such preferential treatment? And the strange thing is that before I knew it, someone already made a garage kit for Hisou Tensoku. Effort like that is frightening, huh? But really, thank you very much.
あきやまうに (きた!ベヨネッタのサントラが届いた!) Uni Akiyama (It's here! The Bayonetta OST came in the mail!)