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Touhou Hisoutensoku OST/ZUN's Comments

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In this world, people are already losing interest in gigantic structures, that the topic of life-sized giant robots has died off, that the second Tokyo Tower comes only as no more than a passing thought.


There is no need to rebuild new railways, highways or airports, symbols of the Showa period, and naturally dam projects are cancelled. The world isn't asking for more gigantic structures.


However, I think it's natural for humans to be attracted to gigantic structures. At times they are a sign of power, and at times they are a display of faith, and so many gigantic structures are closely related to our way of life.


We have been made to think that building gigantic structures are a waste of effort and not environmental-friendly, hence we suppress these thoughts, pondering on just what we are supposed to live for while just barely making a living.


Hello, ZUN as always. I really love gigantic structures.

非想天則はそんな巨大な何かへの興味に踊らされた人間、妖怪達の勘違いエピソードのゲームです。このサントラに出てくる様な巨大ロボが出てくる訳ではないですよ? 虚像に踊らされて、みんな誤った結論を出してしまっただけです。

Hisoutensoku is a game of the episode of misunderstandings between humans and youkai that have been manipulated by their interests in a gigantic object. It's not because a giant robot like on the cover of this soundtrack will show up right? Manipulated by the illusion, everyone can only make their own misguided conclusions.


There is a charm in gigantic structures that cannot be conveyed by photos. In other words, I have an impression that we can't savor it merely by looking at an image of it. Gigantic bridges, grim factories, huge junctions, and even bizarre dams. Lately I've visited these places and suddenly saw them bathed in a new light, and for the modern people who must barely make a living in front of the monitor the reason should be self-evident.


Now, if there's a bar where I can view gigantic structures while drinking sake, please tell me.


A bar near a dam being torn down, maybe.


上海アリス幻樂団 ZUN (近所の仮駅舎解体工事に大興奮)

ZUN, Team Shanghai Alice (I'm excited for the demolition of the nearby temporary station building)