Touhou Mecha: Hell's Rising

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Touhou Mecha: Hell's Rising
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Dai-Sukima Dan


Dai-Sukima Dan


Chapter 1: 2012-04-03


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Touhou Mecha is a free English-language visual novel set in an alternate version of the Touhou Project world. It has a modern look, and the cast fight using mecha. The story is loosely based on Subterranean Animism and is going to be released in chapter installments. So far, only the first chapter, "The Fledgling Sun God", has been made available.


Chireiden and Parsia, two territories deep within Gensokyo's underground, are at war. In order to turn the tide of the war, the hell raven Utsuho Reiuji travels to the Remains of Blazing Hell to attain the power of the sun god Yatagarasu. This power will allow her to use the AM Yatagarasu, a mecha with amazing power. However, the sun god isn’t the only thing that awaits her...


The team behind Touhou Mecha is comprised of two members from Dai-Sukima Dan, Graph and OverCoat. The other members of DSD also helped with minor details during development and beta testing. Also, FlameZero16 contributed 2 songs to the novel.

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