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Touhou Online Battle

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Touhou Online Battle
Touhou Online Battle welcome screen.
Touhou Online Battle welcome screen.

Competitive Turn-Based Game


Online 2 player


Web browser with JavaScript support.

Official Site


Touhou Online Battle is a free online Touhou Project fangame where players pit their characters against each other in a turn-based match.

Note: The game is currently undergoing further development, including changes to the gameplay and additional features. Do not expect all functions of the game to be working properly. (30/9/2011)


The game system is a heavily modified version of the classic rock-paper-scissors formula. The players have 4 commands available to them: "Attack", "Shoot", "Defend" and "Evade" as well as an action slider that alters the strength of each action. Furthermore, each action is influenced by the stats of the character relative to their opponents'.

New characters can be added to each players' account at certain levels. Likewise, players can choose to "abandon" characters they no longer wish to play.

Characters and players level up by gaining experience points, obtained by winning or losing a fight.

Chat System

TOB offers a chat system that allows communication between other players currently online. Features of the chat include:

Syntax Effect
/g <message> Sends a message to the global chat
/w <message> Sends a private message to a specified user
/a <message> Sends a message to everyone in your "area"
/mute <user> Hides all messages from user
/unmute <user> Unmutes user
/avoid <user> Avoid user in combat
/unavoid <user> Removes user from avoid list
  • To whisper a link, use /link /w <user> <url>.
  • Areas are defined by the page the user is currently viewing

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