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Shang Guan Ji Xue



Q stand sw.png
Affection: 0

King's Game[edit]

King's Game Lv. 1, 2 & 3
Q stand swlv1.png Q stand swlv2.png Q stand swlv3.png
Affection: 0


In the original, her name is displayed as 上官妃雪. Since it's a Chinese name, and since all of the guest characters are actually from a Taiwanese game (more info here), we found it best to keep all of their names in Chinese, rather than opting for Japanese readings. The Chinese names also give them a slightly special, "secret-character" feeling.

Chinese reading: Shang Guan Ji Xue

Japanese reading: Joukan Hiyuki

Starting Stats[edit]

HP 62 HP Effort 12 HP Aptitude B
MP 72
REV 40
ATK 49 ATK Effort 40 ATK Aptitude A
HIT 46 HIT Effort 42.5 HIT Aptitude A
DOD 48 DOD Effort 41 DOD Aptitude A
  • Effort or growth refers to a constant related to the amount of love you have to spend to level. The love spent to level a stat up will be equal the effort constant times that gacha's current stat, disconsidering items.
  • Aptitude is a simplified representation of effort in the form of a grade from C to S. The lower the effort, the higher the aptitude.

Assist Danmaku[edit]

Offensive: -10 Max MP

50% chance of activation.


It is currently impossible to meet any of the guest characters in the map. Whether they even have an affection rating is unknown, though the data does have mention of reform options for them, as well as a rival (with the same name as the character herself). Where this rival will be fought against is unknown.


Swordcard.png Emperor's Spear
MP 19 (28) HIT 5 CRI 0
Close 100% (151%) Mid 0% Far 0%
Packs: 1

Swordcard.png Excalibur
MP 13 (22) HIT -5 CRI 0
Close 0% Mid 60% (89%) Far 60% (89%)
Packs: 1

Magiccard.png Awakening of the King
MP 10 (19) HIT 0 CRI 0
Close 0% Mid 0% Far 0%
Single-Target: Increases hit rate by 20%(38%).
Packs: 1

Magiccard.png King's Ambition
MP 20 (20-29) HIT 0 CRI 0
Close 0% Mid 0% Far 0%
Multi-Target: Restores 15(24) MP.
Packs: 1

Swordcard.png Sword of Heaven and Earth
MP 50 HIT 0 (9) CRI 0 (18)
Close 0% Mid 100% (151%) Far 100% (151%)
Def. Danmaku: MP +5, ATK +10%
Packs: 1

Swordcard.png Shibi Star Liberation
MP 80 (71) HIT 0 (9) CRI 15 (42)
Close 75% (111%) Mid 150% (227%) Far 75% (111%)
Def. Danmaku: HIT +10%, CRI +20%
Packs: 1

Usage Suggestions[edit]

Recommended Slot Placement:

Character Overview: