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Touhou Pocket Wars 2nd/Miscellaneous

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Achievements are unlocked by performing specific actions in the game. When you unlock an achievement, you receive a number of Ace Points, which can be used to level up skills or increase the stats of Ace characters.

1. Gacha Mania (750) Buy 25 gachas.
2. Spellcard Mania (1500) Buy 100 spellcards.
3. Gacha Collector (750) Possess 50 gachas.
4. Avatar Collector (400) Acquire 10 extra avatars.
5. Consecutive Victories (400) Win 10 battles in a row.
6. Maximum-Level Card (750) Level a spellcard up to level 10.
7. Maximum-Level Gacha (750) Level a gacha up to level 500.
8. Duel Master (200) 100% any duel board.
9. Exploration Master (400) Travel to every square in a maze.
10. Wealthy (200) Have more than 100,000 coins at one time.
11. Conversation Master (750) Give away more than 50 gifts.
12. 12 Pair (750) Complete a quiz battle with 12 or more pairs.
13. Perfect Pair (3000) Match every pair in a pair battle.
14. 9999 (1500) Deal more than 9999 damage.
15. Union! (400) Use a union card.
16. Reform Master (1500) Reform three times.
17. Main Route Clear (750) Clear the main story.
18. Champion (400) Win a tournament.
19. Sphere Complete (750) Collect every kind of environment sphere.
20. Fully Loaded... (1500) Fill the equip list.
21. MIKO☆MIKO DANCE (400) Use Reimu and Sanae in a battle.
22. Sisters (1500) Use Remilia, Flandre, Satori and Koishi in battle.
23. Shikigami X Pet (750) Use Rin, Utsuho, Chen and Ran in battle.
24. Gensoukyou's Strongest (750) Use Rumia, Cirno and Mystia in battle.
25. Red Spider Lily (400) Use Komachi and Eiki in battle.
26. Moon Team (1500) Use Keine, Mokou, Eirin and Kaguya in battle.
27. Celestials (400) Use Iku and Tenshi in battle.
28. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit (1500) Use Keine, Reisen, Nazrin and Shou in battle.
29. Tengu Team (750) Use Aya, Momiji and Hatate in battle.
30. Moriya's Wind (750) Use Sanae, Kanako and Suwako in battle.
31. NICE BOAT. (400) Use Futo and Minamitsu in battle.
32. Netherworld Residents (400) Use Youmu and Yuyuko in battle.
33. Old Era Group (3000) Use Mima, Shinki and Yumemi in battle.
34. Challenger (1500) Party's average level is more than 100 below foes.
35. Newbie Crusher (200) Fight an opponent whose team's average level is at least 100 levels lower than your team's average level.
36. Blitzkrieg (750) Win a battle in one turn.
37. Flawless Victory (750) Win a battle without taking damage.
38. Narrow Victory (750) Win a battle with less than 10% of your team's HP remaining.
39. Mook Spirit (200) Use a team of mooks.
40. King of the World (3000) Entire team uses King's Game Lv3 avatars.


Reforming is the process by which you reset a gacha to level 1, while permanently increasing its base stats. To reform a gacha, you must first beat its corresponding character in a Reform Battle, by reducing your rival's affection with them to 0 and challenging the character. In a Reform Battle, the character will be extremely powerful, with sky-high stats and maxed out spellcards, and will be placed in a position where they are at their strongest. If you win the battle, you will be able to reform any gachas of that character.

Note that a new Reform Battle is required for every further reform you do. For example, if you have two gachas of the same character, but one has been reformed once and one hasn't, you can immediately reform the one unreformed; but if you want to reform the one who has already been reformed once, you have to go back and battle the character in a Reform Battle again. In this new Reform Battle, the opposing character will also have her stats increased (as if she had been reformed herself) proportionally to the number of Battles you already did against her. Each Battle will unlock a new reform level, which, then, applies to all gachas of that character you may have.

Reforms are performed by pressing the Reform button in the gacha menu (the gacha must be level 500 to reform them). They will be reverted to level 1, and will keep any accumulated EXP they had before: this means you can level your gacha up to 500 and accumulate love on her without worrying. As for the reform itself, you will be brought to a game board of sorts and receive two four-sided dice and ten rolls. For each roll, you can move any number of spaces between the results of the two dice (for example, if you roll a two and a four, you may choose to move two, three, or four spaces, but not one). Your gacha will receive a permanent stat boost depending on the space they land on.

  • Remake hpup.png Increases HP by 3%
  • Remake mpup.png Increases MP by 2
  • Remake revup.png Increases REV by 1
  • Remake atkup.png Increases ATK by 3%
  • Remake hitup.png Increases HIT by 3%
  • Remake dodup.png Increases DOD by 3%
  • Remake spdup.png Increases SPD by 1
  • Remake randomup.png Increases a random stat by 1(%) or 2(%)
  • Remake allup.png Increases HP, ATK, HIT, and DOD by 2%

If you make a full loop around the board and reach the START space (or past it) again, you will receive two more rolls. Landing directly on the START space does not give you any stat increases, though, so it is best to avoid it and aim to reach past the START space instead.

The percentages are based off of the character's stats before the reform, so you should aim for spaces that correspond to that gacha's highest stats. Also make sure you save before reforming, since there is no guarantee you'll be able to get all stats you want on your first run: note that not only the rolls are random, but the game board itself is also random. Usually, a game board with a lot of random-up spaces would already be considered a bad roll in itself, since it becomes that much harder to get your desired stats.

Wife Points and Combinations

Upon clearing the main story, you gain the option to convert shared Love into "Wife Points" (in the Record tab of the menu). 1,000,000 Love is required to make a single Wife Point. You may spend 3 Wife Points to make a character your wife. Wifes receive a bonus 50% to all stats gained through reforms, and can use Wife Combinations.

A Wife Combination costs a single Wife Point. By choosing the option next to the normal Reform option on a waifu character's gacha, you will be given the option to choose a second character. The gacha chosen first becomes a "unique" gacha, whose spellcards are chosen randomly from their spellcards and the spellcards of the second character you chose (12 spellcards are picked, 6 battle and 6 backup, from random slots of both characters' cards. Some cards may be picked more than once, others may not be picked at all, and you may end up with less than 12 cards if an empty slot is picked). All other gachas of that character still act normally, using their normal pool of spellcards, but the unique gacha's cards cannot be changed except by either using the third option to return their spellcards to normal (which does not cost any extra Wife Points) or by spending another Wife Point to combine spellcards with yet another character.