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Touhou Pocket Wars Evolution

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東方ポケット戦争EVO (とうほうポケットいくさソうEVO)
Touhou Pocket Wars Evolution
Touhou Pocket Wars EVO





February 20, 2010 (Fancy Frontier15)


Role-Playing Game


Single-player story mode


Windows 2000/XP/Vista


Pentium III 800 Mhz, VRAM 16 MB, 256 MB RAM, 600 MB HDD, CD-Rom

Touhou Poketto Ikusasou EVO (東方ポケット戦爭EVO, lit. "Touhou Pocket Wars Evolution"), also known as Dōngfāng kǒudài zhànzhēng EVO (東方口袋戰爭EVO), is a fan-made Touhou Project strategic RPG based around Gacha Figurines. Released as a sequel to Touhou Pocket Wars, the player assumes the role of a Touhou-character themed Gacha collector, entering tournaments and leveling up their figurines and accompanying spell cards to take on stronger and stronger opponents.


Main article: Gameplay

The gameplay of Pocket Wars focuses around collecting Gacha Figurines of various Touhou heroines, leveling them and their spell cards up, then sending teams into a strategic turn-based battle in which positioning greatly affects the effectiveness of abilities.


Touhou Pocket Wars casts the player themselves as the main character, who is a Touhou-obsessed otaku that gets into the Gacha craze. Occasionally dreaming about the girls and Gensokyo in general, though, their ties to Gensokyo seem to be unusually strong...

Additional information

Touhou Pocket Wars Evolution Plus

Touhou Pocket Wars EVO+

Touhou Pocket Wars Evolution Plus is an expansion that was released at Fancy Frontier16 in July, 2010. It adds a follow-up story and new characters, as well as characters of Undefined Fantastic Object in battle.

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