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Touhou scratch is the collection of games made on the Scratch Programming Language, also known as SB3.

The games are created by three people known as the team of Redwiregames.

Most of the games on here, while being scratch fangames, take place in each of the Creator's own fansokyo. However, some games may tie in to each other through that barrier of different Fansokyos, or just complile characters from the series all together.


All of the games in this list are free.

The list of games from Redwiregames are as follows:


These are the games that were made by SV, the lead developer of Redwiredanmaku

SV Games

(Double Liar)
(Incident In Scaret Mansion)
(Destruction of the Moon)
(The Mirror Effect Illusion)
(Endless Blue Sky)
(Autumn's Last Blossom)


All of the Games that were and are being planned by Tsuzyx, the Founder of Redwiregames.

Tsuzyx Games

(Sudden Uproar in Print)
(Hidden Seal of Colors)


As the newest developer in Redwiregames, Torque does not have very many games on this list.

Torque Games

(Dimension Dropping Universe)