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Main Menu[edit]

Matsuri Update Title Screen
  • Arcade: Play through the story with the selected character.
  • Sky Adventure: Play through various stages where you need to complete certain tasks in order to proceed and get spirit orbs ( only available with the Matsuri patch)
  • Vs: Select 1~4 players to fight. Set teams or just have an all-out free-for-all.
  • Network: Play with other people online through the internet. Host locally or connect to the FLYNETWORK SYSTEM Lobby(account required?).
  • Survival: Stamina mode - Engage in consecutive fights until you are defeated. Difficulty raises per victory.
  • Tutorial: A ticker near the bottom will display various commands and teach you how to play/fight(if you can read it).
  • Training: Set cpu actions/fightLv and practice with them 'till your heart's content.
  • Play Recording: Keeps tract of certain game statistics.
  • Replay: Review saved replays.
  • Options: Adjust a few in-game settings.
  • Exit Game: Closes the game.

Default Controls[edit]

These can be changed via the TSAConfig in the game folder. 6th tab on the top labeled, キーコンフィグ(Key Configure).

  • Arrow Keys: Character/Menu navigation
  • Z: Slide/Dash, Accept. Hold for high-speed flight. Tap repeatedly for a double or triple slide (triple only if the Avoid protection orb is equipped). Consumes the spirit meter.
  • V: Guard, Cancel. Pressing Guard at the instant a melee attack connects will counter that attack and stun your opponent.
  • X: Shoot normal shots. Hold for Charge Attack.
  • C: Melee (Combo dependent on character and Tension). Pressing Melee when dashing will perform a dash melee attack (very inaccurate pre-patch).
  • S: Ascend. You can dash vertically but not fly vertically.
  • D: Descend.
  • Q: Lock-on/Cycle Targets.
  • A: Trigger/Shift (for casting spells). Does nothing when pressed on its own.
    • A+X: Spellcard (Hold A and X while charging, Hold A while shooting to fire Charged Spell)
    • A+V: Ex-Spellcard
    • A+C: Hi-Tension Spellcard
    • A+Z: Climax Spellcard
    • A+S and A+D: Mirage Slide (in front and behind opponent respectively)
  • W: Centers Players viewcam to behind Character when not locked-on to a target
  • Space: Change allied CPU behavior.
  • Enter: Pause/Menu/Start button

Character Selection Screen[edit]

character selection screen
  1. Indicates the player number or if the CPU is controlling the character
  2. Indicates the team the character is belonging to.Up to 4 teams are possible (all vs. all)
  3. Character portrait/artwork
  4. Character name, you can switch characters by pressing left/right here
  5. Choose one of the 4 colors/outfits for your character
  6. Choose your spellcard set/type here. 2 types available for each character
  7. Displays the spellcards and shot that are available with the selected type
  8. Displays the spirit orbs selected, can be changed by pressing left/right
  9. Indicates the level of the character ( see: Battle Level)
  10. Displays a random selected player with random types and spirit orbs
  11. Indicates an closed player slot.

Battle Screen[edit]

battle screen
  1. Your controlled character
  2. Your character screen. Displays the character portrait, character name and various information.
  3. Your battle stats
    1. green health bar displays your current health, if it´s empty, your character faints
    2. yellow spirit burst bar displays your current spirit burst gauge. An offensive spiritburst (bomb) consumes half spirit burst energy. An defensive spiritburst (spark) consumes the full spirit burst energy.
    3. purple spirit energy bar displays your current spiritual energy. You need this one for slides(2), double slides(4), mirage slides (6/8) and burst slides ( 3+1...1..)
    4. Tension displays your current tension you´re in. ( explained further at the tension correction table)
    5. spirit orbs displays your equiped spirit orbs.
  4. Displays the enemies and allies. Current targets are framed red. Displays health, equiped spirit orbs, spirit burst energy, the name, current tension and team color.
  5. Displays your attack bars. Full light green bars are actions that can be performed. Dark green/grey areas/bars are actions that cannot be performed. Charging spellcards/shots will be displayed with a loading yellow bar.
  6. Displays the current map. Triangles indicate characters ( each colored in their team color) and the light blue lines display the arena border.
  7. Displays the tension bar of each character. The current tension is displayed by a small grey cursor.
  8. Displays the current title of the song.
  9. Baka. (The targeted enemy)
  10. Displays the set time of the match.
  11. Displays the set tactics if you´re teamed up with a CPU player.

General Stats[edit]

Character health[edit]

All characters have 8000 hp (since v1.51)

Movement speeds[edit]

Speed Character
Fastest Aya
Very fast Marisa, Youmu
Fast Cirno, Suwako, Flandre, Koishi, Nue
Average Reimu, Alice, Sakuya, Sanae, Tenshi, Suika, Reisen, Mokou
Slow Kogasa
Slowest Utsuho

Close Combat stats[edit]

dmg Stagger Downlimit dmg Stagger Downlimit dmg Stagger Downlimit dmg Stagger Downlimit
1 64 small 4.00 80 small 4.00 96 small 4.00 120 small 4.00
2 64 small 4.00 80 small 4.00 96 small 4.00 150 small 4.00
3 80 small 4.00 100 large(small) 6.00(4.00) 120 small 4.00 150 small 4.00
4 (80) (small) (6.00) (100) (small) (6.00) 120 small 6.00 150 small 6.00
5 (96) (small) (6.00) (120) (small) (6.00) 144 large(small) 8.00(6.00) 180 small 6.00
6 (80) (small) (4.00) (100) (small) (8.00) (120) (small) (8.00) 150 small 8.00
7 (96) (small) (12.00) (120) (large) (12.00) (144) (large) (12.00) 180 large 12.00
total 208(560) 12.00(44.00) 260(700) 14.00(44.00) 576(840) 26.00(44.00) 1050 44.00
  • () values in round brackets are only available if the spirit orb 「連」 ("Ren") is equiped!

(Mirage)Slide Attack Stats[edit]

dmg Stagger Downlimit dmg Stagger Downlimit dmg Stagger Downlimit dmg Stagger Downlimit
Slide 320 rotating 15.00 400 rotating 15.00 480 rotating 15.00 600 rotating 15.00
Mirage 320 rotating 18.00 400 rotating 18.00 480 rotating 18.00 600 rotating 18.00

Tension correction table[edit]

The pattern of the tension meter is dependent on the current BGM soundtrack. Generally the chorus sections correspond with high-tension or climax tension, and instrumental interstitials tend to correspond to low tension.

tension movement speed attack speed reload time spiritual power recovery attack magnification shooting performance additional info
LOW 100% 90% 80% 75% 80% 100% Burst and Mirage-slide not available
NORMAL 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% -
HIGH 100% 120% 150% 140% 120% 100% Hi-tension spell available
CLIMAX 125% 125% 200% 200% 150% 125% Hi-tension, Climax-tension spell available

Spin Downlimit[edit]

(since ver 1.51)

Characters that get hit by multiple attacks that add downlimit values, can cause the character to be pushed back very far away at an invincible state to recover. The downlimit is 100.00.

Battle Level[edit]

At the character selection screen, the level of the character can be chosen ☆(stars). Default value is 5(☆☆☆☆☆). So basically, you´ll receive more damage the less ☆ stars you assigned.

Level increased damage taken
☆ (1 star) 200%
☆☆ (2 stars) 150%
☆☆☆ (3 stars) 100%
☆☆☆☆ (4 stars) 50%
☆☆☆☆☆ (5 stars 0%

Spirit Orb system[edit]


The spirit orb system was introduced with the release of version 1.50 and Touhou Sky Arena -Kurenai-. This system allows you to set 3 orbs, each orb represents the area affected ( red = offence ; blue = movement ; yellow = defence ). Each orb can be acquired by clearing each characters arcade mode, clear fixed amount at the survival mode and complete the sky adventure mode ( added with the Matsuri patch 1.50).

Spirit orb table[edit]

orb type Name effect obtained by
attack spirit orb 攻 (aggresion) increases the effect of the tension correction rates default
力 (might) base strength 120%, initial health 80% default
豪 (hard) base strength 130%, initial health 65% Flandre arcade clear
破 (fracture) spiritual power can guard melee attacks, melee attack power 80% Suika arcade clear
連 (ream) 7hit melee attack always enabled, 300% melee reload time, non-guard, 120% spark spiritual power consumption default
貫 (consistent) enhances strength of all shooting spells, 200% reload time win without using CT spell at 8-F
急 (sudden) all spells 80% reload time, 80% power win without using HT spell at 5-A
決 (determined) climax-spell binding cannot be guarded, 200% rigid time Marisa arcade clear
追 (pursue) increased performance in all spells, 200% reload time win within 200 seconds at 7-E
突 (thrust) enterable slide attack immediately, 200% reload time win depriving the spin-down at 9-J
偽 (fake) guard can be cancelled at input, 130% reload time in firing stance Kogasa arcade clear
昴 (pleiades) 200% invincibility at hi-tension spell, 200% hi-tension spell reload Okuu arcade clear
絆 (bonds) Double attack damage 150%+, 80% effective time win without a W-attack at 8-E
牽 (install) 200% amount of normal shots, 300% shot charge time default
受 (sensation) 120% attack power if targeted by 2 or more, no double attack Alice arcade clear
speed spirit orb 風 (wind) increases the movement effect of the tension correction rates default
旋 (rotation) base speed 120%, damage taken 120% default
疾 (rapidly) base speed 130%, damage taken 130% Aya arcade clear
嵐 (storm) base speed 150%, damage taken 150% clear 8 survival races
敏 (alert) 80% slide, double slide spiritual power consumption, 70% invincible time defeat enemies in order: Sanae->Aya , at 7-D
掠 (graze) 120% slide/double slide invincible time, 120% spiritual power consumption of slide/double slide Sanae arcade clear
瞬 (blink) boost dash startup faster, initial spiritual power consumption 120% default
飛 (rook) dash boost spiritual power consumption reductioin, increased startup Cirno arcade clear
煽 (fan) small movement speed up when targeted by 2 or more, 120% damage taken under same conditions default
凪 (calm) movement speed up when targeted by 2 or more, 130% damage taken under same conditions Suwako arcade clear
颪 (mountain wind) large movement speed up when targeted by 2 or more, 150% damage taken under same conditions defeat enemies in order: Suika->Suwako->Aya, at 7-A
浚 (drag) 75% slide, double slide spiritual power consumption, 80% invincible time if targeted by 2 or more. win without spin-down at 9-E
幻 (phantom) Mirage slide distance 150%, +1 int consumption Reisen arcade clear
影 (shadow) spiritual power consumption 50%, -2 Mirage slide rush distance win having atleast 20%hp left at 9-A
虚 (hollow) spiritual power consumption can canceled by Mirage slide guard imput Sakuya arcade clear
protection spirit orb 全 (all) Omni-directional guard, 500% reload time default
堅 (armor) base guard duration 150%, reload time 300% Youmu arcade clear
避 (avoid) allow tripple slide, 200 guard reload default
延 (prolong) exact guard 200%, 200% guard reload time, 120% slide/double slide spiritual power consumption Koishi arcade clear
硬 (hardness) damage received under 85%, +1 int slide consumption, 75% spiritual power spark recovery win within 300 seconds at 9-C
生 (raw) 80% ressurection time, bullets return to 0 Mokou arcade clear
発 (departure) 120% spark spiritual power recovery amount, 120% health consumption, +1 int consumption win within 200 seconds at 9-F
溌 (lively) spark spiritual power consumption/strength 80%, +1 int consumption Reimu arcade clear
撤 (withdrawal) 200% spiritual power invincible time, 120% health consumption, +1 int consumption default
放 (release) pushes enemy far while spark burst attack, 80% invincible time, 120% incapacitated time win 7-B with a CT spell
散 (scatter) downlimit values under 120%, 75% amount of spiritual spark power recovery win 7-C with a CF spell
隠 (hidden) hide own state from others, 120% health spiritual spark power consumption Nue arcade clear
感 (emotion) automatically slide avoid bullets comming forth, 80% slide, double slide invincibility Do not use guard to win at 5-d
剛 (manly) decrease stagger if targeted by 2 or more, 85% basic attack power Tenshi arcade clear
漲 (overflow) increased spiritual power recovery rate if targeted by 2 or more, 85% basic attack power default