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Touhou Unreal Mahjong/Titles

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Various titles are unlocked for accomplishing various feats in-game. These can be viewed in the records screen (third tab from the left), and one can be selected to be displayed in online matches. The titles are listed below.

Left Column

Name (Japanese) Name (Translated) Color How to Unlock
称号の設定なし No Title N/A Unlocked by default. (Select this to not display any title.)
ユーザーPR User PR Black Unlocked by default. (Allows you to enter your own custom title name.)
最初の一歩 First Step White Win one match.
ハコで飛ばす程度の能力 White Finish a match in first place with one rival having a negative score.
まとめて飛ばす程度の能力 Green Finish a match in first place with two rivals having a negative score.
すべてを飛ばし尽くす程度の能力 Gold Finish a match being the only player with a positive score.
役満を起こす程度の能力 Power to Cause Yakuman Green Win a Yakuman hand. (Kazoe Yakuman doesn't count.)
八連荘の魔理沙は… Marisa's Paarenchan is... Gold See a Paarenchan (8th consecutive win as East). (This can be unlocked by an opponent winning with Paarenchan.)
奇跡を起こす程度の能力 Power to Cause Miracles To Occur Gold Win a double Yakuman hand.
サタデーナイトフィーバー Saturday Night Fever Green Select Iku Nagae on a Saturday night.
一人遊び Solo Player White Clear the Story Mode scenarios.
一人遊びマスター Solo Master Green Clear the Story Mode scenarios without continuing.
鉄火場にようこそ Welcome to the Gambling Room White Play an online match (?)
対戦ビギナー Competition Beginner White Win an online match.
対戦マスター Competition Master Green Win 10 online matches.
連勝ビギナー Consecutive Victory Beginner White Win 2 consecutive online matches.
連勝マスター Consecutive Victory Master Green Win 5 consecutive online matches.
勝ち抜き無双 Peerless Victor Gold Win 10 consecutive online matches.

Middle Column

Name (Japanese) Name (Translated) Color How to Unlock
対戦エキスパート Competition Expert Gold Win 100 online matches.
夢想封印 Fantasy Seal White Use a special ability and win.
もろ乗りマスター Moronori Master Green Win a hand with 8 or more dora with special abilities disabled.
ハイパーインフレ Hyperinflation Gold With skyrocketing rules, win a hand worth 5 million or more points.
酔生夢死 Idling Life Away Green Clear the Twilight Bar in Story Mode. (?)
これにて一件落着 This Closes One Case Green Clear the Kourindou scenario in Story Mode.
オーラスの奇蹟 Last Hand Miracle Green Win a match with a comeback on the final hand from a score difference of 24,000 points or more.
貫く心 Piercing Heart White Win 20 mangan hands.
跳ねあがる心 Springing Heart Green Win 10 haneman hands.
ミス・ダブルアップ Miss Double-Up Green Win 10 baiman hands.
ノーガード戦法 No-guard Battle Method Green Win 10 "hadaka tanki" (4 declared melds, waiting to pair up the last tile) hands.
被撃墜王 King of Getting Shot Down White Opponents ron off your discards 100 times.
河の流れのように Like a River's Flow White 100 hands ended in a draw.
龍を掴め! Catch the Dragon! White Get a kan-dora.
染め上げる力 Power to Dye Green Win 3 hands with menzen chiniisou.
暗刻大好き Ankou Lover Green Win 10 hands with sanankou.
コーラスマスター Chorus Master White Call 100 tiles.
スピードスター Speedster Green Double Riichi 5 times.

Right Column

Name (Japanese) Name (Translated) Color How to Unlock
被一発王 King of Suffering Ippatsu White Opponents ron off your discard to win with ippatsu 5 times.
一発王 Ippatsu King White Win 20 hands with ippatsu.
遠き道程 The Long Journey Green Win 200 hands
カンを刺す程度の能力 Power to Pin Down Kan Gold Win a hand with chankan.
最後まで諦めない! Won't give up until the very end! White Win with haitei or houtei a combined total of 5 times.
ドラ爆マスター Dora Burst Master Gold Win a hand with 12 or more dora.
大暴落 Big Slump Green Lose 24,000 or more points in a single hand.
カン番長 Kan Gangleader Green Declare kan a total of 50 times.
フラワーマスター Flower Master Green Win with rinshankaihou.
大迷惑 Huge Liability Green Kan 5 times where you give an opponent's pon Dora status
鉄壁の乙女 Iron Woman Green 20 consecutive hands without letting an opponent ron from your discard.
待ちを広くする程度の能力 Power to Make Waits Wider White Win 20 hands with a 3+ side wait.
薄氷の勝利 Thin Ice Victory Green Finish in 1st place with a winning margin of 500 points or less over 2nd place.
焼き鳥 Yakitori White Finish a match without winning a single hand.
こんがり焼き鳥 Browned Yakitori Green Finish a match without anybody winning a single hand.
すべての役を知る者 Person Who Knows All Yaku Gold Win at least once with every yaku besides those worth an automatic yakuman.
Thank you for playing Thank you for playing Gold Start up the game program 100 times or more.
幻想麻雀マスター Unreal Mahjong Master Gold Unlock all other titles.