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Touhou Wiki Community Portal

Official News

Wiki News

  • 2023-05-05 MediaWiki version upgraded to 1.39.3.

Upcoming Events

Welcome to the Touhou Wiki Community Portal! This is where you can find site news and on-going projects, so check back often!

New to Wiki Editing?

Get started with wiki-editing quickly and easily by following this short tutorial.

Also, please make sure to read and follow the established guidelines when editing. These have been written for everyone's convenience so that we can maintain the wiki consistent and organized. If you have any questions about these, don't hesitate to ask at the guidelines talk page.

Not sure where to start?

The wiki is separated into various different sections, including but not limited to Games, Characters, Music, and Print works. Each section contains a large variety of articles and subjects, each of which can be a major undertaking on its own.

Each section has a set of different tasks that generally involve translation, research, or simply repetitive manual labor.

Most of the articles are written so that you don't need to know much about how to edit a wiki. You can simply click Edit, make the changes, and then submit.

Easiest way to get started would be to figure out what brought you here and then see what contributions you can make.

Member Portals

  • Translator Zone - For translators to review each others' work and learn from one another.

Important Note

Please ensure this portal is kept up to date! That means adding new jobs here, and marking completed jobs as such. If you take on a job from here, you are responsible for marking it as completed. You do this by striking through its contents and adding {{TaskPriority|done}} to the end, as seen here:

  • Test job, setting doohickeys to foo and bar. [Completed]

On-going Projects

General Project News

2011-07-07 - Purged all completed jobs.

2011-05-03 - Community Portal layout cleaned up.

2011-04-14 - Music Pages: Lyrics project guidelines have been updated.

2011-04-14 - Wiki-wide Tasks: Added Akyuu to the Update spellings list.

Projects on the Wiki usually consist of a large number of related tasks that are difficult or tedious to accomplish on your own. These range from specialized translation work to simple manual tasks. If you would like to contribute, feel free to right jump in - just be sure to read the specifics of each task thoroughly first! Instructions are available on their respective task pages. Reading these will save you a lot of work and confusion later.

Before starting a large-scale project, it might be a good idea to present your idea to the community first. You can start a new topic in the Community portal talk page for this.

If you start a project, please add it in its corresponding section and update the General Project News box on the right and in its respective section. Similarly, if a project has been completed, remove it from the list and update the project news box (this way no-one will be confused if a task disappears from the list).

Tasks have been split according to their categories and priorities.

Jump to a project:

Wiki-wide Tasks
Official Game Pages
Character Pages
Music Pages
Location Pages
Bestiary Pages
Other Games

If you would like to add a new task, you can add it under the appropriate section here: Add new tasks

Wiki-wide Tasks

Wiki-wide Tasks News

2013-02-26 Added Spoiler Removal

2013-02-12 Added Project Translations

2012-08-14 Added Genbu Ravine to the Update spellings list.

2012-07-22 Added Nico/Pixiv Sorting Project for people to organise each sup-page.

2012-07-14 Added Eiki Shiki and Phantom/Ghost to the Update spellings list.

2011-12-14 Added italics task to manual work.

2011-09-02 Added Hearn and Three Fairies of Light to the Update spellings list.

Wiki-wide tasks are miscellaneous tasks that must be carried out in pages of all sorts. If you encounter any of the following anywhere, please correct them.

  • [High Priority] Touhou Wiki:Touhou Daikaitei - The great literature revisal project for Touhou Wiki.
  • [High Priority] Refactor/paginate very large pages - Very large pages need to massively lightened and/or paginated, especially those with many images and complex markup and tables.
EXCEPTIONS: Completely text-only pages, such as:
  • Touhou_Angband:monster.txt
  • Fanfiction uploaded by their authors are generally exempt, as long as they're mostly text-only. These may be subject to review later anyway.
  • Article stubs - Fill out these articles. In addition, please add Template:Stub to pages that need it.
  • Wanted Pages - Fill out these articles. Or at least put a short description and add them to the Article stubs category.
  • Administrative tasks - A collection of tasks.
  • Update Spellings
    • Eiki Shiki - Change "Shikieiki Yamaxanadu" to "Eiki Shiki" or "Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu" thoughout the wiki. [Completed]
    • Phantom, Ghost - Change "yuurei" to "phantom" and "bourei" to "ghost". Additionally, each use of "ghost" needs to be checked. Prioritize changes to game scripts. [Completed]
    • Genbu Ravine - Unify all instances of "Genbu Marsh", along with "Genbu/Xuanwu Swamp/Marsh/etc" to "Genbu Ravine". [Completed]
  • Remove Spoilers - Remove spoilers from all games except Hopeless Masquerade and Double Dealing Character. [Completed]

  • [High Priority] List of Uncategorized Images - Feel free to categorize these images, and if you find any images without a category please add it to the list, especially if you are unable to find a suitable category for it. - Finished for now.
  • Album cover names - Please flag all covers that are inconsistent with the guidelines using the Move template. That means going to the file, clicking edit, and typing {{move|filename to rename to}}
  • Unused Images - Delete (sysops only), categorize, or use these images/replays. (Note: some of these are used, but you have to edit the page using them for them to show up.)
  • Recalibrate Images Use lowercase Extensions/Meme Types and Underscores. Ex. Make .JPG into .jpg and [[File:Touhou Wiki.png]] into [[File:Touhou Wiki.png]]


Manual Work
  • [High Priority] The Massive Image Moving Project - Rename image files to an agreed-upon format. Please read the Talk Page before doing anything; actions must be coordinated to avoid breaking image links across this wiki in different languages.
  • Adding italics and quotations - Go across the wiki and add italics to media titles and add quotations to song titles. Please read this sup-article before doing so.
  • [High Priority] Nico/Pixiv Sorting Project - Go thought each sup-page and organise what kind of information can go on to their ordinary pages. Please be careful, so please read what is provided in the link provided.

Official Game Pages

Official Game Project News

2011-09-26 One new task have been added under Translation.

2011-09-04 One new task have been added under Translation.

2011-06-30 Two new tasks have been added under Translation.

2011-06-06 Cleared all completed tasks.

2011-05-04 Specified inclusion of official print works, and added two tasks under Manual Work.

2011-05-03 Cleared all completed tasks.

2011-04-30 One new task has been added under Writing.

2011-04-15 Two new tasks have been added under Writing, one task has been added under Manual Work, and one new High Priority task has been added under Translation.

Official Game tasks focus on all Touhou games created by ZUN, both main series and spin-offs, and the official fighting games by Twilight Frontier. It also includes the official print works for the time being. Note that although Locations, Bestiary and Character pages are relevant to games, they are separate projects and have their own sections below.

For Seihou and fan-game related tasks, see Other Games below.



Manual Work

Character Pages

Character Project News

2013-02-12 - Added Touhou Wiki:Project Characters

2012-07-22 - Added the Standardisation of Character Pages to be update on each characher page.

2011-11-25 - Added IPA task.

2011-04-30 - Added two characters that needs images uploading from Highly Responsive to Prayers good endings.

2011-04-17 - Added article split tasks for Three Mischievous Fairies and Prismriver Sisters.

2011-04-14 - Added Watatsuki no Toyohime and Watatsuki no Yorihime to the list of characters that need a summary.

2011-04-14 - Added a new high priority task and one other task

Character tasks focus on all character pages on the wiki (Seihou, Uwabami Breakers and Fan-made characters included).

  • IPA - Add the IPA on every character who has a name. See example on Reimu Hakurei.
  • Story - Write summaries about the character's role in the games and other official material. (And if you don't feel like writing one, at the very least append {{stub|section}} at the start of the 'story' section.)
Adding Sources
Uploading Images
Manual Work

Location Pages

Location Project News

2011-11-25 Added IPA task.

2011-04-16 (2) The locations listed under Creation must get their own pages independent from their PMiSS articles. Please create a new page for them or add them to existing articles.

2011-04-16 A Navbox for locations has been created. Please update all location pages with it, but do not add the template to their PMiSS articles.

Location tasks focus on all locations in and, when relevant, outside of Gensokyo.


Manual Work

Bestiary Pages

Bestiary Project News

2011-09-25 Several bestiary stub pages have been added. Please fill in information to the remaining bestiary stub pages.

2011-08-17 A new bestiary stub page has been added. Please fill in information to the remaining bestiary stub pages.

2011-04-30 A Navbox for Bestiary has been created. Please update all bestiary pages with it.

Bestiary tasks focus on all youkai types and other similar Gensokyo-exclusive beings (fairies, lunarians, demons, etc). Most nameless enemies encountered in games also belong in this section.


Music Pages

Music Project News

2011-04-14 Lyrics project guidelines have been updated (page naming scheme changes). Please read them over.

Music tasks focus on all music page-related tasks, both official and derivative (doujin) works. The music side of the wiki is incredibly large, and as a result always under construction.

Maintenance Worksheet
A collection of worksheets for various purposes such as keeping track of work progress and leaving information for others. We encourage you to use these to help with the organization and updating effort.


  • [High Priority] Complete Unfinished Music Articles - I've decided to simply dump all of the information available on CDwiki here so that we can start filling out circle pages. They only have release dates, conventions and tracklists though, so fill in the rest of the info!
  • Create Red Link Albums - Doujin Music albums whose link shows up as red text have not been created yet. Tools you can use have been created to speed up the progress.
  • Conventions - Fill out the convention pages.
  • Untranscribed - Transcribe the missing text in these sections (pages named Lyrics: ___ require kanji).

Manual Work

Other Games

Other Games Project News

2011-09-26 - Added The Alternative Age translation

2011-07-08 - Added Fangames refactoring task

2011-07-01 - Task for Shuusou Gyoku translation added

Other Games focus on all unofficial games and Seihou.



Manual Work