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This page is to list all possible editing guidelines that should define how editors go about creating certain kinds of pages, as well as other information pertaining to editing this wiki.

Should any of these guidelines be changed, please update this page. Use the talk page to discuss these guidelines.

If you're new to Wiki editing, please check out this helpful guide on Wikipedia.

The Simplified Ruleset

  • BE BOLD! in updating pages. Go ahead, it's a wiki!
  • Be nice to each other! When you have a disagreement, please stay polite and neutral with your talks and comments.
  • When in doubt, take it to the talk page. If you discuss changes on the article's talk (or discussion) page before you make them, you should reach consensus faster.
  • Decent edit summaries and clear, transparent explanations are appreciated.
  • Assume good faith in edits.
  • Be as neutral as possible in all wordings. The wiki is a source of information, not opinion. If you see opinionated content, edit it to be neutral.
  • Sign your posts on talk pages using ~~~~. This gets replaced by your username and timestamp when you hit Save.
  • Use the preview button. It helps prevent edit conflicts and mistakes.

General guidelines

General editing guidelines

  • Use material from official sources to write summaries and such. This includes but is not limited to Dialog, Scenario, Omake.txts, Print Works, Official Profiles, ZUN Interviews, and ZUN E-Mails. Keep any and all speculation off pages and inferences to a minimum.
  • If a new page, headline or bullet point is added, be willing to commit to adding information to it. This is to prevent too many pages, headlines or bullet points containing barely any information of worth.
  • Due to the nature of the Touhou Project, posting of any and all derivative works are welcome. This includes but is not limited to fangames, fanfiction, comics, and music CDs. Keep it obvious that it is a derivative work. This is easily done by adding the "Fangame", "Fanfiction", or "Arrangement CD" category.
  • As Wikipedia follows, make sure to add italics on media titles and "Quotations" to music titles. See here for more information.
  • Different varieties of the English language should be kept in mind. See /English Varieties for more details.


  • Adding a reference for the source of certain information is vital. It proves that the information is correct. See Wikipedia:Citing sources for more information, and see the Youkai Mountain article as an example.
  • For outside sources, you may use the cite web template. If it is a lecture or interview, use the official link where it was aired first; otherwise find the most accurate or most official transcription.


If you see a mistake in translation or writing, do not be afraid to change or debate it. Newer but more correct translations should be preferred over established but incorrect ones. A translation appearing in a game patch does not make it correct. Translations do change and become more accurate over time. Games may also have inherent limitations such as maximum length of text per line, which may interfere with the accuracy.


This wiki utilizes Hepburn romanization, with some extra specifications (call it Touhouwiki-shiki):

For most Japanese authors, romaji was more of a styling option similar to people getting kanji tattoos in their very own interpretation. Hepburn is preferred simply because it's more intuitive than other standards and the difference is rather subtle. Since ZUN and many Japanese authors couldn't care enough to comply with any standards in respectful consistency, the following rules are only for reference and you're at your own discretion to decide how they should be romanized - usability first, then standards.

  • Onset consonants are spelled according to actual pronunciations, not according to their allophonic equivalents. In particular:
    • ふ is rendered as <fu>, and じ as <ji>, and づ as <zu>, hence 'Fujiwara' instead of 'Huziwara' and 'Onozuka' instead of 'Onoduka'.
    • In the case of youon, the し-series is represented as <sh> followed by a vowel, never by <sy>, hence 'Shameimaru' instead of 'Syameimaru'. The same applies to the ち-series: always <ch>, never <ty>. All other youon are rendered with a <y> after onset consonant.
  • Long vowels are preserved in diphthong form, unless macrons are already used/required; e.g. 'Youmu' instead of 'Yōmu',
  • Obsolete kana are preserved, hence 'Tewi' instead of 'Tei' and 'Hinanawi' instead of 'Hinanai'.
  • The syllabic nasal is (ん) is rendered <n>, even before bilabial consonants, hence 'Konpaku' instead of 'Kompaku'.

Many pages include IPA to assist in exact pronunciation, especially with character names; see here for more information on pronunciation of Japanese in IPA.

Subpages and Linking back to previous pages

Subpages are used to organize content under the main article (e.g. Undefined Fantastic Object/Translation/Reimu A's Scenario). See Undefined Fantastic Object as an example of how subpages are implemented.

Linking back is a strange inclusion not found anywhere else. Remove linking back lines if pages become subpaged. Please discuss this on the talk page.

"Return to Touhou Wiki" lines, meaning the links at the top of certain pages that link back to the main page, are no longer acceptable. Remove them on sight.

Spoiler Policy

Spoilers should only be used to conceal information regarding game endings for a period of one year after the game's release. After that, they should be removed.

Miscellaneous pages

Under no circumstances should there be a Miscellaneous page anywhere on the wiki. Please move all information in these pages to other suitable pages. If you can't find a suitable page, then it's likely it doesn't belong on the wiki in the first place. If worse comes to worst, put them in a section labeled Trivia on the parent page so that people are aware that the information needs to somehow be recategorized.

"Additional Information"

  • Make sure Trivia is original and unique. Trivia cease being "fun" when it turns into "Character A is the Nth character with feature X".
  • For Fandom, be able to back up your claims. While it is plausible that character A may be crossed with character B from series C, if there isn't any/very little evidence that they are, it's not a fact.
  • Do not post any speculation unless it has already gained reputable status. Otherwise, it's just forcing your views onto other people.

Fan-made characters

  • Fan-made characters should only be added if they are notable/popular enough by fans to be put on the wiki. Please put only ONE category on each article (Category:Fan-made Characters) and put "Fan-made characters/" before the name within the title. See also Canon.

Community-made materials

If you are writing some kind of fanfiction, be sure to categorize it under Category:User Content for convenience.

Specific article type guidelines

General Game Article Outline

See: Undefined Fantastic Object for example

  • The first thing on the page should be Template:Infobox Game. Please fill out as many of the fields as possible, adhering to the documentation given on the template page.
  • After that, before the first heading, should be a general description of the game. Details can include a literal translation of the game title, when it was released, where it was released, and any other information that fits into a general description.
  • The first heading should be Gameplay. Briefly outline what makes the game unique from other Touhou games, but refrain from going in detail too much. The complete gameplay mechanics description should be linked to using Template:Main.
  • After Gameplay, there should be a Concept section, detailing the "concept" of the game - such things as its theme, design elements, and the like.
  • The third heading should be Story. Do not go too in-depth with it: don't simply detail the entire story, give a summary. The main translation page for the game should be linked to using Template:Main.
  • The fourth heading is Music. General information about the music should be placed here, though aside from Undefined Fantastic Object, there probably won't be too much to say.
  • Finally, there may or may not be a Press section underneath that. See the Undefined Fantastic Object page for an example of the kinds of things this should have.
  • The final section is the External Links section. Separate it into an Official section and an Unofficial section as it is done on UFO's main page. Prefix all link names with the name of the game, eg. Undefined Fantastic Object: Original Announcement, at ZUN's blog.
  • After that, place the navigational template for the game. Please avoid using horizontal lines.
  • Categories: An official Touhou game should be placed in the category with the same name. It should also be placed under the Official Games category.

If anything is unclear, please use the Undefined Fantastic Object page as an example.

Character article guidelines

Please see Touhou Wiki:Guidelines/Standardization of Character Pages for an example of the layout. The old layout once described here has been removed in favor of that one.

High score page guidelines

Template page guidelines

Please transclude template documentation from nameoftemplate/doc. For reference, see Template:MusicRoom and Template:MusicRoom/doc.

Music Article Guidelines

  • When uploading images, use the following naming scheme:
  • Albums with catalogno
    catalogno.ext (ie: ABCD-1234.jpg)
    catalogno_banner.ext (ie: ABCD-1234_banner.jpg)
  • Albums without catalogno
    albumname.ext (ie: my_heart.jpg)
    albumname_banner.ext (ie: my_heart_banner.jpg)
  • When adding a new album to the circle (group) listing, use the following format
ie: My Heart
  • If an album name conflicts with an existing page, add the circle's name to the page name
ie: [[My heart_(tsuki) | My Heart]]
  • When adding a new circle, list it alphabetically.
  • If a new circle is in Japanese, try to find an English name or try to romanize it. It is ok if you can't. If you can, it should be listed with the romanized name first
translated_name (original name)
ie: Hachimitsu Kuma-san (はちみつくまさん)
  • Note that some circles have been romanized so search the page (ctrl+F) before adding it
  • If you are getting information from vgmdb or CDwiki, you can use some of the tools here to make it easier
  • The use of "arrange" is being phased out in favor for "arrangement". If you happen to see an article use "arrange", please update it to use "arrangement".

Hover Text Templates

  • Music articles now use hover text templates to display the names of Japanese artists as a tool tip like this ランコ as opposed to this ランコ.
  • To create one of these templates first enter the Japanese name of an artist after the URL "https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Template:" to arrive at a blank template page to work on.
  • Alternatively you can follow the redlink resulting from using a non-existent template like Template:Non-existent template which is the result of {{non-existent template}} before "non-existent template" has actually been created.
  • Once you arrive on the blank template page, use the below template and add the original Japanese name and the English translation.
{{H:title|{{lang|ja|JapaneseName}}|EnglishName}}<noinclude>[[Category:Artist Names]]</noinclude>
  • Example
  • "{{H:title|{{lang|ja|松井庸}}|Yo Matsui}}<noinclude>[[Category:Artist Names]]</noinclude>" as a template will be display as 松井庸
  • As an important side note, remember that you can check the Artist Names Category page to see if the template you are looking for already exists.
  • if adding an alternate version of an existing name is required please add a comment (example bellow) to both version explaining that another version exists. This is to ensure that other editors will be aware of both versions.
<!-- Important notes about alternate formats -->

Categorizing music album files

All covers and banners should be categorized appropriately. The following templates should be used:

  • For covers, use {{album|cover}}
  • For banners, use {{album|banner}}

Cleaning up MusicArticles

The following should be checked:

  • release dates should use the format YYYY-MM-DD, not with slashes
  • {{MusicHeader}} should be removed
  • "Return to" links should be removed
  • Any occurrences of "It is a vocal and instrumental album featuring arrangements from -" should be changed to "It features vocal and instrumental arrangements of themes from -"
  • When possible, all album staff should be listed at the top. If there are too many, prioritize vocalists and arrangers.
  • The following categories do not need to be manually typed in, as the template automatically adds them:
    • Arrangement CD
    • Convention
    • Group
    • Arrangement/Vocal

Lyrics article guidelines

  • Please use the Lyrics template for all lyrics.
  • Lyrics will not be subpaged
  • Lyric pages will only be created if the song has lyrics (ie: vocal tracks)
  • If the name of the song contains "feat (vocalist)", exclude that from the lyric article name
  • All lyric pages will be prefixed with the word "Lyrics:" followed by a single space/underscore (ie: "Lyrics: Bad Apple")
  • Any songs with different lyrics but same title should put on separate pages with names in the following standard: Lyrics: Song Title (Group Name) as shown here and here, while the old page (one without the group name) should be changed to a disambiguation page as shown here. (Remember this only applies in case of title collisions, standard format is still Lyrics: Song Title).

Spell Card article guidelines

  • When making a Spell Card article, use the {{SubpageNav}} and {{Spell Card Info}} templates. See Ten Desires/Spell Cards/Stage 1 for an example.
  • Spell card image naming should adhere to the following naming format: ThxxSCyyy.jpg/png where xx is the the game's number in the numbering series of Touhou games and yyy is the Spell Card's number.

Show/Hide guidelines on naming of images

  • xx is based on the filename for the game's .exe file, so Perfect Cherry Blossom is 07, Fairy Wars is 128, and so on.
  • yyy is typically provided in games such as Imperishable Night, so please use those numbers whenever possible. Other games may have special numbering schemes.
  • The file extension must be in lowercase. Use .jpg or .png, not .JPG or .PNG.
  • For Phantasmagoria of Flower View and Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream, use the following naming scheme: Thxxcharacter_type.jpg. For example: Th09Reimu_Charge.jpg
  • For Shoot the Bullet and Double Spoiler, please follow the naming scheme of the normal shooting games, even though the numbering is X-Y. This means that we use Th095SC06.jpg for Scene 1-6, Th095SC10.jpg for Scene 2-4, and so on. Please make sure to keep count of the total number of scenes in each previous level when numbering spell cards for these games.
  • For Immaterial and Missing Power, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, and Touhou Hisoutensoku, it is best to differentiate between Story Mode Spell Cards and various types of player-usable Spell Cards. A suggested naming format for these games is as follows:
    • Th105ReimuSSC01.jpg for screenshots of a Story Mode Spell Card in action.
    • Th105ReimuPSC01.jpg for screenshots of a player-usable Spell Card in action.
    • Th105ReimuPSCC01.jpg for images of a player-usable Spell Card as it would appear in the player's deck.
    • Th105ReimuSK01.jpg for screenshots of a Skill Card in action .
    • Th105ReimuSKC01.jpg for images of a Skill Card as it would appear in the player's deck.
    • Th105SYS01.jpg for screenshots of a System Card in action.
    • Th105SYSC01.jpg for images of a System Card as it would appear in the player's deck.
  • For fangames, replace Thxx with a suitable abbreviation for the game e.g. ThMtgSC388.jpg or CtCSC388.jpg for spell card 388 from Concealed the Conclusion, ThKkdSC152.jpg or MBSC152.jpg for spell card 152 from Marine Benefit.
    • It is recommended to use Japanese abbreviation instead of English subtitle as the uploaded images were shared among to each and every language available in Touhou Wiki for consistency.
  • For spell card images of most games, images must represent the danmaku well. Additionally, they should...
    • ...be at native resolution and cropped to the exact size of the playing field (e.g. 384x448 px for TH06-TH08 and TH10-TH13, 768x896 px for TH14, 1280x720 px for TH13.5, etc.).
    • ...have the correct font, which requires the use of AppLocale for most users, and not use the English patch.
    • ...have Reimu as the character.
      • Characters other than Reimu may be used for character-specific spell cards (e.g. Satori's).
      • For games where Reimu is not playable, such as in Shoot the Bullet and Double Spoiler, use the next best character (e.g. Aya).
    • ...display the spell card capture bonus, which means the player cannot use bombs or get hit.
    • ...have no visible shots coming from the player.
    • ...have the enemy's number of lives left in the upper left-hand corner in stars where possible. This means not using Spell Practice mode.
    • ...for the fighters (Immaterial and Missing Power, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, and Touhou Hisoutensoku), no player name should be visible at the top, not even "player 1" or "player 2"
  • See this spell card image as an example of an image that follows the guidelines well.


  • Never use Level one headings = =
  • Never edit someone else's User page unless given express permission.
  • Ask administrators for site related problems such as installing extensions, changing user rights, opening new wikis, updating software, and troubleshooting site-related issues.
  • Ask Users for community related issues such as logos, categorization of pages, and other issues directly related to the actual content.
  • Before starting a project, make sure there isn't something similar already made. If that is the case, make changes there.

Page naming standards

Due technical reasons, those ASCII characters can't be used on Mediawiki (base software for Touhou Wiki): the three types of brackets (< > [ ] { }), sharp/hashtag sign (#), underscore (_) and vertical bar (| ), and all control characters (including tabs and newlines).

Note that the underscore is not really disallowed, but is treated like a space without distinction in MediaWiki page names, so "Lotus_Land_Story" and "Lotus Land Story" are referencing exactly the same page name (pages will be created, searched, and displayed (with their title) using spaces, never using underscores).
  • Game articles
    • The main game article page should not contain a "the" at the beginning, even if the game itself appears to be named that way. (example: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil instead The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)
    • The main translation page should be named <game>/Translation, but all story-related pages such as the prologue translation, extra story, and stage translations should be under the /Story subpage. Example: Story of Eastern Wonderland/Story/Main Stages
    • The main spell cards page should be named <game>/Spell Cards, and all stage-specific pages should be a subpage under it. Example: Double Dealing Character/Spell Cards/Stage 1

See also