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Touhou Wiki:Guidelines/Standardization of Character Pages

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This page is supposed to serve as an outline for current and future character pages (including those from Seihou Project, Uwabami Breakers, Fan-made characters, etc.). The other purpose of this project is to revise existing character pages to fit the structure described on this page.

A few preliminary guidelines:

  • Topics that aren't covered by any of the listed sections would be listed under "General Information" by default.
  • If there's a section that doesn't fit with any of these on any of the character pages, please merge it to any of the other sections whenever possible.
  • If a section is deemed too short (like, a sentence or so), it can be merged to another short section or to General Information.
  • For articles that contain more than one character such as Minor Characters, please "push" each heading down by one (i.e. == to ===). Also, the h3 sections (===) should use ; before the sections name and not ====.

Please use the talk page to address suggestions, concerns, and anything else that has to do with this standardization.

The Original Name (opt.) (Use hiragana on kanji if you can)
The Translated Name
Name pronunciation in Japanese IPA with sound link (♫) (opt.)
Alter. name or alter./incorrect romaji possibly in use (opt.)

More Alternative Spellings
Character image with their latest or colorous appearance (opt.)
The source of where the image came from
Their latest or commonly used title (opt.)
More Character Titles

Their Species (opt.)


What their powers are (opt.)


Their age (exact or approximate) (opt.)


Their Occupation (opt.)


Where they live or frequent (opt.)

Music Themes

Titles of Songs (opt.)

Official Games

Official Games (Mystic Square, Ten Desires etc. but no non-Touhou game unless it's a non-Touhou character) (opt.)

Print Works

Print Works (Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, Wild and Horned Hermit etc.) (opt.)

Music CDs

CDs (On the cover or story coming with the CD) (opt.)

Miscellaneous Works

Appearances in other official material (opt.)


Appearances in non-Touhou series, e.g. Seihou (opt.)

The Main Summary (主な概要 Omona gaiyo) is the main introduction of the article, above the content box and all other content in the article. It should be a good self-contained section, from a sentence or two to a full paragraph. But it's main purpose is the 'hook' of the article, it should be a quick and interesting blurb that grabs interest and seamlessly follows on to the next section, but shouldn't be any more detailed than it. Perk a reader's interest, but follow on with actual details later on. Don't just add random information here.

We should note that the PC-98 canon and the Windows canon are separate, where – according to ZUN – information should only come from Windows. We allow PC-98 information however, but it ought to be kept separate. I.e. describe the character using info from the Windows canon, then when you want to include the PC-98, start a new paragraph or sentence and start with something like "In the PC-98 however," to create a separation. Same goes for the Seihou Project and it ought to spread thruout the article. A good example is the Yin-Yang Orb page, where both canons describe the orb with a huge difference.

General Information

This section has actual in-depth information, and actually begins the real 'description' of the character. Information central to the character is described here. This is the first part of the 'body' of the article, if you think of it in essay-form. Sub-sections may be used to organize large subjects that might be unwieldy here. Otherwise, small pieces of less-important information that cannot be treated to a full explanation belong is placed in Additional Information.


Describes the characters personality, characters typical reactions to them, and how their personality is shaped (included occupational demeanor), and how it changes (or doesn't) throughout each game. Maybe also the way they speak.


An ability

A list of abilities that the character has and an explanation of what they can do, how they have acquired them and any training regime they may have in developing them.


Some examples of what the character does (include how they view their job, some visitors they contend with on a daily basis, how they got assigned to the job, hobbies, etc).


This section is for items the character owns. If the item in question has an article, put a link to that article and give a short description. (May or may not become part of the infobox. See the talk page.)


Mainly used for characters from the Seihou Project and Project Blank. Similar to Possessions, this describes the machines the character owns.


An information for the species of a character


This section is for descriptions of any storylines that led up to the character's appearance in the games, as well as their history.

Character Design/Background Information

Loading until it is done Attention: This section is under construction. The editors are doing their best and are now preparing to finish the section. Please watch warmly until it is ready.

This section is to describe things related to the creation of the character of how ZUN stylized them, including their name and appearance.


This explains what the character was/may be based on. i.e real person, god, other media etc.


Describe what the translations of the characters name is, what it means, and some other relations such as nicknames. Fanmade names should be included in the Fandom articles, unless the character doesn't have a name (e.g. Tokiko, the Five Magic Stones); this is an exception so we can allow visitors to understand the reasoning of the article's name coming from a fandom source.


This section is a description of the character. Describe their outfit with as much detail as you can and how it changes from game to game, with the earliest appearance first and descends to the latest. Please DO NOT merge this section with any other section. may also contain ZUN's way of thinking.


This section should only be used to list speculation based on official information, where each theory is under its own section. ZUN has a habit of giving narrow information, which creates such conspiracy theories within the fandom. Theories that aren't supported by any official work may be moved to the Fandom articles or removed depending how much support it gets from fans. (Any debates about whether or not a theory should be moved/removed should go on the talk page.) The section should start with {{Theories Summary|<character's name>}}.

Whether this stays on the character's article or into the Fandom articles hasn't been discussed.

Name of theory #1

Name of theory #2


Descriptions of the character's appearances in the games that includes the gameplay and their role in the story.


Used to separate the character from the Windows games. Use "PC-98" if the ===Games=== section is used.

After the PC-98

Use this section when a PC-98 character character seems to have appeared during Windows. Use the ===Games=== section instead when they have a major appearances in windows such as Alice Margatroid and Yuuka Kazami.

List their appearances as follows;

Games Title

The game on windows era

Spin-offs Title
Literature Title
Music Album Title


Game title

A summary of how the character impacted the plot goes here in relation to games. Spoilers of endings are to be avoided if the first 6 months of the game's release, but if they must be used, use the {{hidetext|spoiler tags}} template.

;Title of the Adventure
:{{Main|Adventure Title#Location of the first lines of Character's dialogue|l1=Name of Adventure}}

This is where you describe the exploits of the character.


To not make the game's section too overloaded, a separate section for spin-off games is included.


A list of stories related to official literature.

Seihou Project/Project Blank/Fan Games

Name of the Game

Used to separate the character from the Touhou Project, where characters have appeared outside the Touhou world, both official and unofficial. "Fangames" is only used if ZUN has participated in a fan game and contributed to a certain character (such as giving Shinki's theme in Magus in Mystic Geometries).


In terms to other and the need for paragraphs, this section is for use for anything that doesn't fit anywhere. This is used if any other headers doesn't fit for certain information. Please note that this section may not be used all the time.


In this section, you describe their main attitude and demeanour, towards other characters in general as well as what their day to day lives may entail.

Character Name #1

Here you explain what that character's relation is to the character on this page, how they met, their thoughts, feelings, as well as plot developments they've may had with them. Remember, it's what this character perceives them, not how they actually act.

Character Name #2

Minor Relationships

This is for characters who don't have a direct relationship with each other, but they still acknowledge each other through importance.

Character Name #1
Character Name #2


This section is reserved for images that aren't profile pictures (including those used in official profiles and the character infobox) or significant alternate in-game portraits.
Use the following code:


to get something like this:

Arrange the subsections of Gallery as follows:








Loading until it is done Attention: This section is under construction. The editors are doing their best and are now preparing to finish the section. Please watch warmly until it is ready.

Skills they have as a playable character

{{hidden begin|title = Skills|titlestyle = background:paleturquoise; text-align:center;}}
{{#lsth:List of Skills|[[Joon Yorigami]]}}
{{hidden end}}

The result should look something like this:

Name Translated Comments Games Usage
Total: 6
黄金のトルネード Golden Tornado AoCF 5C
チャネルのバッグ Chanel Bag AoCF 6C
散財アッパー Spendthrift Uppercut AoCF 8C
セレブリティバーン Celebrity Burn AoCF 4C
ジュリ扇ブーメラン Juliana Fan Boomerang AoCF 2C
完全憑依姉妹 Perfect Possession Sisters Aided by Occult effect AoCF A+B with Occult gauge

Spell Cards

If possible, add a summary here that relates to the character's spell cards.

You should use the following code (with the character name and number replaced, careful not to spell it as "spellcard"!):

{{hidden begin|title = Spell Cards|titlestyle = background:palegreen; text-align:center;}}
{{#lsth:List of Spell Cards/Touhou Project 3|[[Raiko Horikawa]]}}
{{hidden end}}

The result should look something like this:

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 15
一鼓「暴れ宮太鼓」 First Drum "Raging Temple Taiko" DDC St. Ex
二鼓「怨霊アヤノツヅミ」 Second Drum "Vengeful Spirit Aya-no-Tsuzumi" DDC St. Ex
三鼓「午前零時のスリーストライク」 Third Drum "Three Strikes at Midnight" DDC St. Ex
死鼓「ランドパーカス」 Death Drum "Land Percuss" DDC St. Ex
五鼓「デンデン太鼓」 Fifth Drum "Den-Den Daiko" DDC St. Ex
六鼓「オルタネイトスティッキング」 Sixth Drum "Alternate Sticking" DDC St. Ex
七鼓「高速和太鼓ロケット」 Seventh Drum "High Speed Taiko Rocket" DDC
St. Ex
八鼓「雷神の怒り」 Eighth Drum "Thunder God's Anger" DDC St. Ex
「ブルーレディショー」 "Blue Lady Show" DDC St. Ex
「プリスティンビート」 "Pristine Beat" DDC
St. Ex
雷符「怒りのデンデン太鼓」 Thunder Sign "Den-Den Daiko of Rage" ISC St. 5
太鼓「ファンタジックウーファー」 Taiko "Fantastic Woofer" ISC St. 5
輝天符「迅雷のドンドコ太鼓」 Shining Heaven Sign "Thunderclap Dondoko Daiko" Co-owner with Iku VD Nightmare Thursday - 2
輝神符「謎のドンドコ人だかり」 Shining Divine Sign "Mysterious Dondoko Crowd" Co-owner with Mamizou VD Nightmare Thursday - 3
輝星符「正体不明のドンドコ太鼓」 Shining Star Sign "Unidentified Dondoko Daiko" Co-owner with Nue VD Nightmare Thursday - 6

Additional Information

This section is for information that doesn't relate to the actual character in-universe, but to the character out-of-universe. For example, certain color palettes in the fighting games resembling other characters or the character's silhouette appearing on the cover of a game is information that would go here. Please keep it significant - "character X is the Nth girl with feature Z" isn't good information if it's placed anywhere other than this section. Place each piece of trivia into a bulleted list (using *) and keep it to one or two sentences if possible. If not, then they could be moved to another part of the article.


This section is strictly for associations, memes, and information about the character in derivative works (basically, any fan work where ZUN isn't personally involved). To avoid clutter and the fact that this is technically the only section to contain unofficial content, the information ought to be placed on a Fandom page that's associated to the character. To an advantage however, more fandom content can be added rather than having a bulleted list.

Make sure the character page contains the Fandom section and that it contains the "main" link, as you can see from above. To do this, only add the following string of text: {{main|Fandom/Highly Responsive to Prayers#SinGyoku|l1=Fandom: SinGyoku}}; this is an example, where you can change the game title to the character's first game/literacy appearance, as well as the character's name so it can link directly to the character's fandom content.

Official Profiles

Official Profiles should be in a show/hide section (like Spell Cards). Please use this code, with of course the proper information filled in:

{{hidden begin|title = [[Imperishable Night]] - キャラ設定.txt|titlestyle = background:lightblue; text-align:center}}
{{Profile Quote
| image = [[File:WaHHReimu.jpg|Example Image]]
| text = This is the original text
| translation = This is the translated text
{{hidden end}}

Place multiple ones for multiple profiles. It should produce something like this:

Imperishable Night - キャラ設定.txt
Example Image This is the original text This is the translated text
Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt
Example Image This is the original text This is the translated text

Official Sources

This is another show/hide section. Place this code, and replace what's necessary:

{{hidden begin|title = Official sources|titlestyle = background:pink; text-align:center;}}
*2004/08/11 '''[[Imperishable Night]]''' - Extra Stage dialogue; キャラ設定.txt (official profile)
*2005/08/11 '''[[Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red]]''' - Article and Interview: Mokou
{{hidden end}}

It'll produce something like this:

Official sources

See Also

For external links and/or links to the other relevant webpages/articles related to the topic.


If <ref> </ref> are used somewhere on this article, please end the page with this heading and use the {{smallrefs|2}} code. You may also use <references/> or {{smallrefs}} if there is not much to be referenced in the page.

And finally, all the templates should be placed here: