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Project Characters is a Touhou Wiki Project formed to better organize the writing and editing of any articles pertaining to characters featured in official Touhou Project games. If you would like to help, feel free to ask any questions on the talk page and check out the to-do list on this page.

For a complete list of pages that are currently part of Project Characters, please use the "What links here" option in the Toolbox, or just click here.

Project Characters[edit]

Scope and aims[edit]

Project Characters covers all articles regarding official Touhou Project characters, including, but not limited to, the characters' actual profile pages. It's goal is to ensure that all information is up-to-date, stubs are filled in with information, and the information is presented in a standard format(shown below).

All character articles should be in as well. The main character listing page is Characters.


To join this project, just place your name at the bottom of the list. As the community is rather small in the first place, it's not mandatory to place your name here, but it will aid newcomers in finding people to ask about things related to character page editing.


If you would like to just start by looking at a page whose structure is in line with the editing standards for character pages, take a look at Fujiwara no Mokou's page. Most of the relevant headers are contained in the article. Otherwise, please look at Touhou Wiki:Guidelines/Standardization of Character Pages for more details.

Of particular note are the characters infobox, which comes at the top of each page, and the ordering of the sections, which differs from many character articles at the current time.

To indicate that an article is part of Project Characters, please place the following template at the bottom of the page, but above any group boxes(such as the character list box), using the following code.

{{Project Characters Notice}}

To-do list[edit]

  • All articles: reformat the relationships sections to ACTUALLY abide by the formatting guidelines where needed (major relationships should be level 3 headers)
  • All articles: split the Fandom section into its own second-level heading below Additional Information if not already done
  • Add missing information
  • Questions
    • Should Reisen link to Reisen U Inaba instead of Reisen2?
    • Should there be inicial re-directs? (E.g. RH for Reimu Hakurei?)
  • Notes
    • Make sure all 12.3 and 13.5 character articles have their palettes in them
      • All palettes for 12.3 (and by extension 7.5 and 10.5) are done. Now it needs the ones from 13.5, 14.5, unreleased-as-of-writing-this Antinomy of Common Flowers (15.5), and Mamizou's 変化「二ッ岩家の裁き」/ Transformation "Futatsuiwa Clan's Curse"
    • See if 13.5 sprites for background characters are lying around - I have them, so I'll upload
    • Spoilers are all expired for Hopeless Masquerade, Double Dealing Character & Impossible Spell Card