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Project Gensokyo is a Touhou Wiki Project formed to organize and improve all articles related to the world of Gensokyo. If you would like to help, feel free to ask any questions on the Talk page and check out the to-do list on this page.

Project Gensokyo

Scope and Aim

Project Gensokyo covers any articles related to Gensokyo itself, locations, bestiary entries, items, and anything else in the Touhou Project that isn't a character. If you think we've forgotten to add a page to this project, please add the notice template onto it or ask in chat or on the Talk page if you're not sure.

Pages and page categories under this project:


To participate in this project, simply add your user name to the bottom of this list.

Article Structure

Many different kinds of articles exist under this project, and each will have its own editing standards and organizational structure, as defined below. Every page in the project should have the following template at the bottom of the page, but above any navboxes.

{{Project Gensokyo Notice}}

Template:Project Gensokyo Notice


NOTE: All this is under review at the moment

Location articles should have the following subheaders:

  • General Information (includes what is in Geography and People sections)
  • History (any backstory, if available - if not, exclude section)
  • Appearances (details on appearances in all official Touhou works)
  • Gallery (picture gallery of appearances in official Touhou works)
  • Additional Information (trivia and fandom)
  • References (list of all references - use smallrefs|2)
  • Bibliography (list of all main sources)

Each section is described in more detail below.

General Information

The General Information section should ideally include any general info that isn't already stated in the article's introduction, and isn't stated later on in a more specific section. This should include details that were in the Geography and People sections. If there is a lot of information, consider putting People into a level 3 header (===) to split up the text.


Any backstory of the location should be described here. If there is no backstory, this section can be omitted.


Appearances of the location in all official Touhou works go here. Use semicolons to mark off each appearance, like the way the Story section is done for character articles.


perrow should not be set, but widths should be set to 200.

Additional Information

Any other errata and meta-information (information on the location that applies to the real world, not to in-universe settings) should be placed here. If there is notable fandom information, place that in a level 3 header called Fandom in order to separate it.


References need to be cited with <ref> tags in the text. This section should be smallrefs|2. Because there is a bibliography section, only list the name of the source and the page number here.


A list of all sources the information in the article comes from. Should essentially be what the Books and Articles section is now, with some additional information. If a main source is listed here, you don't need to reference information from it in the main text at all, whether through a <ref> tag or through actual description.



To-Do List