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There will soon be a number of Touhou Wiki projects that aim to manage related groups of articles, such as character articles or articles containing translations. They are created for the purpose of standardizing article structure and ensuring quality information.

Current Projects

Starting a new project

If you would like to start a new project, please first ask an admin or get opinions from the IRC channel as to whether or not the project will be large enough to be significant. If it does, follow these steps:

  1. Create the project page at Touhou Wiki:Project (title) and fill it in with the project scope, aims, etc.:
  2. Identify articles that fall under the scope of the project. In case that part of articles could belong to two or more projects, the one with narrower scope should take priority.
  3. Create a project to-do list on the page, and link to or create a general project article format and content guidelines.
  4. Create at least one sample article, or improve one article to the target standard.
  5. Create a project notice template, such as {{Project Characters Notice}}, and append it to the bottom of each article. The notice should be short and concise.