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Ground rules[edit]

The recent popularity of the franchise has led to some rather insignificant articles popping up. This, along with the continuous problem of Fun Facts being inane, made me think that we need some ground rules. These should, following the overall Wikia policy, be simple and not too strict. And as such should preferably not be worded out by me, I'm way too impatient to not sound extremely blunt/borderline hostile when telling people what to do and what to not. The issues I think we should be covering are:

  • Canon significance (Anything really)
  • Fanon significance (Fun facts mostly)
  • Objectivity of the two above, fanfics hosted here exempt for obvious reasons(general wiki policy of it being reflective of the topic it handles rather than a tool to influence people)

So, any other subjects that should be covered, or point in this posts that is a non-issue, and thus merely a figment of my imagination?--Umhyuk 21:20, June 6, 2010 (UTC)

No, you're right. This IS an issue. Want to know what else is an issue? File categorization. Other wikis may get away with it, but this one won't. /ego
Anyway, to word your points:
On canon significance (includes summaries and descriptions)
  • Use material from official sources to write summaries and such. This includes but is not limited to Dialog, Scenario, Omake.txts, Print Works, Official Profiles, ZUN Interviews, and ZUN E-Mails. Keep any and all speculation off the pages and inferences to a minimum.
Speculation being Alice's Cat or that Minoriko fought the heroines to protect the Autumn. Inference being that Magicians have homes filled with books. It's not explicitly stated (in the places I checked), but due to their studious and secluded nature, one can only assume.
On fanon significance (fun facts)
  • For fun facts, be able to back up your claims. While it is plausible that character A may be crossed with character B from series C, if there isn't any/very little evidence that they are, it's not a fact
  • Make sure fun facts are original and unique. Fun facts cease being "fun" when it turns into "Character A is the Nth character with feature X".
  • Do not post any speculation as fun facts unless it has already gained reputable status. Otherwise, it's just forcing your views onto other people.
First two points are self explanatory. Notable case for third point is EX-Rumia/Flandre Rumia. EX-Rumia is accepted generally. Flandre Rumia is not.
On derivative works
  • Due to the nature of the Touhou Project, posting of any and all derivative works are welcome. This includes but is not limited to fangames, fanfiction, comics, and music CDs. Keep it obvious that it is a derivative work. This is easily done by adding the "Fangame", "Fanfiction", or "Arrange CD" category.
  • Fanmade characters are an exception to this. DO NOT add fanmade characters to this wiki. Notable fanmade characters can be noted in the "Canon" page.
    • If a page dedicated to a fangame is added, be willing to commit to adding information to it. This is to prevent too many pages containing barely any information of worth.
All comics are fandrawn, so only category needed to differentiate them is "Official Literature". Meimu Ha ha, Old Chap! Wish more of those fangame pages weren't abandoned as soon as the initial convention hype died down.
!8RstuPId2Y 19:53, June 7, 2010 (UTC)