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Touhoumon World Link/Miscellaneous

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Special Caves

There are three caves

Desert Ruin

Read the inscription, then takes two steps left and two steps down. Use Rock Smash, and a door will open. Go in to find Kongala.

Island Cave

Located on Route 105, Read in the inscription, then walk clockwise along the wall. Once you make a full circle, the door will open. Inside, you will find Yuugenma.

Ancient Tomb

Located on Route 120. Read the inscription, walk to the center of the map, use Flash, and a door will open. Go in to find Kikuri.

After completing the game

(Nothing but Spoilers)

This section lists all of the events unlocked after becoming the Champion.

  • Head over to Birch's lab and he will upgrade your iDollDex to the World Dex which includes all Boneka in the world.
  • The second part of Safari Zone is now open.
  • The Battle Frontier is available. You will receive a ship pass from Birch which you can use at Minamo.
  • Hoenn Altering Cave is available on Route 103.
  • Access to Minami no Kotou to catch the Latios/Latias equivalent


  • How do I use my older file to play in a newer version?
Simply use a in-game save and open up the new file.
Then, go to import -> battery file and select the SAV file type.
Next, let the game load up and select your file.
Finally, save in-game and the emulator save and there you go!

From the developer's readme:

  • How to get Kanto Region?
Ask person with Renko Sprite in Touka City, you will obtain JX-Pass, then you go to the North of Muro Town, ask sailor there, and you go to Kanto.
  • How to get to Johto Region?
  • Ask the gentleman in Hanada City, this will allow you pass to Johto through south gate of victory road
  • You must go to the south gate immediately, otherwise an NPC will be blocking the way and you have to speak to the man in Hanada City again.
  • I cannot find the way in Route 127, where is the way?
Find the way between trees.

Route 128.png

  • How to get Java Region?
There are several tasks involved:
  • Ask Gendun in Wakaba Town
  • Go to Route 25 and ask people there (with the ship)
  • Beat Steven in Mt. Silver
  • Return to Route 25 and he will escort you to Java Region.
  • How to enter Java Grand League?
You need 7 Gems to enter Grand League, here the list of gems:
  • Ruby: given before battle with Steven
  • Emerald: Beat trainer named Tenshi in Yogyakarta
  • Topaz: Beat trainer named Woofle in Solo
  • Diamond: Beat trainer named Kryuzei in Semarang (inside house)
  • Pearl: Beat trainer named Kira in North Plain (South of Semarang), he is covered with trees.
  • Amethyz: Beat Yukai in Lost Age
  • Sapphire: Beat Director Surabaya Hospital.
  • Q: What is Z Boneka?
Z Boneka is secret Boneka that not recorded in iDollDex (like Miku). They are overpowered. Legit Z Boneka in this game always shiny.
  • How to get past Genji in Kanto region?
You must obtain a flute from Java region.