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Tri Focuser/Characters

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Most of the characters in Tri Focuser are original and non-existent in the Touhou Project. Three of the four playable characters, Aya, Hatate, and Momiji, however, are officially part of the Touhou Project. All other characters are the originals.

Playable Characters

Aya Shameimaru

Aya Shameimaru
Playable Character

Hatate Himekaidou

Hatate Himekaidou
Playable Character

Tobiko Takatou
That Freaky Tengu Weirdo [1]

Tobiko Takatou
Playable Character (Unlockable); Level 4 photo target

Momiji Inubashiri

Momiji Inubashiri
Playable Character (Unlockable)

Enemy Characters

The following characters originated from ido/raichu's previous games, such as The Last Corner, Mystical Power Plant, Riverbed Soul Saver, and Book of Star Mythology. Click on a character's name to view the Characters page of their original game.

Your Overly-Chummy Boss
Tenmu Suitokuin
Tutorial Boss, Level EX1 Boss
Greedy Shepherd
Marry Shepherd
Level 1 Boss, Level EX1 Boss
どこにでも咲く畜生梅 [2]
Pesky Plums Blooming All Over the Place
Level 1 Boss
Twin Fairies that Aren't Actually Twins
Fabritis and Iphonea
Level 1 Boss
超リス級の妖怪鼠 [3]
Super Squirrel-Level Youkai Rodent
Momo Tobikura
Level 2 Boss
Lightning-Quick Apricot
Hatsuna Magatsuji
Level 2 Boss
The Mulberry-Bow Cupid
Vinca Wars
Level 2 Boss, Level EX1 Boss
Newcomer to the Scarlet Devil Mansion
Corin Charite
Level 3 Boss
Energy Drink Deliveryman
Aragami no Kusuko
Level 3 Boss
The Village's Youkai Watcher[4]
Ichiyou Mochizuki
Level 3 Boss, Level EX1 Boss
Noppo-san Reaching to the Stars [5]
Phiased Pescar
Level 4 Boss, Level EX1 Boss
Clownpiece's Colleague
Elfin Mint
Level 4 Boss, Level EX1 Boss
That Freaky Tengu Weirdo[1]
Tobiko Takatou
Level 4 Boss, Level EX1 Boss
Sensible Songstress
Riko Toone
Level 5 Boss
Kankou Fusion: Kodamaizer [6]
An Yaezaki
Level 5 Boss
Angel for Use in Orleans Recovery
Janet Arc'Angelo
Level 5 Boss
Moody Star Spirit
Shelia Lyrac
Level 5 Boss
1-Headed Dragon [7]
Yamata no Yato
Level 6 Boss, Level EX1 Boss
Li'l Oyasu on Vacation
Suitenguu no Himemiko
Level 6 Boss, Level EX1 Boss
Heavy-Shouldered Genius Haniwa [8]
Nomi no Hanie
Level 6 Boss
That Really Strong What's-Her-Name
Nameless R'lyeh Fairy[9]
Level 6 Boss
Demon Lord with Lots of Free Time
Mumumu Mikaboshi
Level 7 Boss, Level EX2 Boss
History's Strongest Klutzy Angel
Michel Sant'Angelo
Level 7 Boss
Ancient Iron-Armed Minister
Takenouchi no Tarumi
Level 7 Boss, Level EX2 Boss
Scarlet Magic General
Sengo Sanada
Level 7 Boss, Level EX2 Boss
Refrigerator Shikigami
Level 8 Boss, Level EX2 Boss
The Oldest Yandere Youkai
Abe no Kiyohime
Level 8 Boss
The Terrifying Mischevious Youkai Fox [10]
Nezu Akitsu
Level 8 Boss, Level EX2 Boss
Saint ☆ Young Woman [11]
Iesua Nazarenus
Level 9 Boss
Thunderclap Politician
Mitama Magahara
Level 9 Boss, Level EX2 Boss
Gensokyo's Princess Peach[12]
Yamatoyo no Momohime
Level 9 Boss, Level EX2 Boss
Delta Fangirl
Fuma Mishandra
Level 9 Boss, Level EX2 Boss
That Which Craves All There Is [13]
Saraka Sant'Angelo
Level FC Boss
Lost Child of One's Proper Time to Vanish [14]
Tamako Sant'Angelo
Level FC Boss, Level EX2 Boss

Tamako Sant'Angelo

Tamako Sant'Angelo
Tamako Sant'Angelo in Tri Focuser
Lost Child of One's Proper Time to Vanish
More Character Titles

Angel (former human)


Granting religious piety


Approx. 457 (born in 1563)



Music Themes

純真なる徒花 ~ Absolute Lily


Tamako is based on the samurai and Christian convert Gracia Hosokawa, who was the daughter of Akechi Mitsuhide.


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Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 7
香雪「フロストフリージア」 Fragrant Snow "Frost Freesia" TF St. FC
霊剣「抜けば玉散る氷の刃」 Spirit Sword "A Blade of Ice, Flashing As It Is Unsheathed" TF St. FC
九曜「ルミナリエ・オブ・ホソカワ」 Nine Luminaries "Luminary of Hosokawa" TF St. FC
「強き女、そして彼女の真珠にも勝る貴さ。またの名をタマコ。キリスト信仰のために幾多の苦難を耐え抜いた誉れ高き女性、つまり私」 "A Strong Woman, Whose Nobility Is Worth More Than The Highest Of Pearls. Also Dubbed "Tamako". A Glorious Woman Who Endured Many Hardships For The Christian Faith... In Short, Me" TF St. FC
「ナロウリバー・グラツィア」 "Narrow River Gracia" TF St. FC
復活祭「タマゴ・サンタンジェ」 Easter Festivities "Tamago Sant'Angelo" TF St. Ex
凍てつく私の精神世界 (メンタルヘイル) "My Freezing Mental World (Mental Hail) " TF St. Ex

Official Profiles

Tri Focuser - TF-omake.txt

Tamako Sant' Angelo









Lost Child of One's Proper Time to Vanish

Tamako Sant'Angelo

Species: Angel (former human)
Abilities: Capable of granting religious piety

A Christian saint from the Sengoku period. Her life, lived deeply in tune with Christian teachings even in a time of great turmoil, resonated with many people even in the Western lands beyond the sea. As such, she became an angel after her death.

Now, when it comes to the reason why her father brought about Japan's most famous insurrection, most people just bring up the particularly strong "harassment from his boss" theory. But the circumstances behind the incident weren't quite so simple.

Tamako's clan was descended from the Minamoto. Their bloodline was a fitting one to bring all the country's samurai together, and the fact that Oda Nobunaga claimed descent from their Taira enemies was one of the remote causes of the Honnouji Incident. As you wise readers may know, Nobunaga's severed head was never found, Tamako's father thus failed to garner the support of the feudal lords, and his rebellion ended in failure... but he had actually taken measures to prepare for such a contingency.

He had been searching for the legendary sword that all the Minamoto samurai had so dearly desired, and which would more than prove his legitimacy as the country's ruler-- the sword Kusanagi, which had sunk into the sea centuries prior.

In the end, he couldn't find it in time before the Honnouji Incident. But if the real thing was ever discovered, Tamako wanted to place it before her late father's grave.

Having heard that the sword was discovered in Gensokyo, Tamako skillfully persuaded her (ceremonial) superior officer, the archangel Michel, to let her go there. At the same time, she secretly requested the support of the delinquent angel Saraka. She successfully received the title Sant'Angelo-- proof of her status as a powerful angel-- as well as a post stationed in Gensokyo. She'd even made sure to investigate Gensokyo's famous violent incident-resolving shrine maiden, secretly beginning her work without letting the shrine catch wind of anything.

But to think that a bunch of reporters would come sniffing around, instead of the shrine maiden...
Much like her father, she seems to have terrible luck at the most crucial of times.



  1. 1.0 1.1 Reference to Sanae calling Hecatia a "freaky T-shirt weirdo" in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, which became a memetic phrase in the Japanese fandom.
  2. 畜生梅 (chikushou ume, lit. 'beastly plum'): pun on the insult 畜生め (chikushoume).
  3. Based on "Super High School Level" (超高校級, localized as "Ultimate" in English), which is present in character titles in the Danganronpa series. リス級 is the unique title for Normal Mode in Riverbed Soul Saver, which was a pun on "squirrel" and "Riss" (both pronounced "risu" in Japanese).
  4. Reference to the Yo-kai Watch series.
  5. Reference to Takumi Noppo's "Noppo-san" character from the children's TV program Dekirukana, whose hat is similar to Pescar's.
  6. "Kankou" (菅公): one of Sugawara no Michizane's titles of address.
  7. Reference to the "2-Headed Dragon" monster from Final Fantasy.
  8. "Genius Haniwa" (天才埴輪): Possible reference to the title of Sukune Katano, a character in the Touhou-inspired "Len'en" series.
  9. This character is the death fairy from the final stage of Riverbed Soul Saver that is fought before reaching Momohime.
  10. Spoof on the title of memetic fan character Riran Miramikaru ("The Terrifying Mischevious Fox").
  11. A reference to the anime Saint Young Men (聖☆おにいさん), in which Jesus is a main character.
  12. Obvious reference to Princess Peach, with whose name "Momohime" is synonymous.
  13. Reference to Mystical Power Plant's stage 3 title, "That Which Craves the Light" (光ヲ貪ルモノ).
  14. Reference to Gracia Hosokawa's death poem: This world's flowers are flowers, and its people are people, precisely because they both know their proper time to vanish. (rough translation)