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Spell Card 7 - 1
氷炎「ヘイルファイア」 (Hien "Heiru Faia")
Ice Flame "Hail-Fire"
Mumumu Mikaboshi
Level 7 — 1
Aya: 「いえね、以前に炎の風なんて大天狗様すら出せると挑発したんですよ」
Hatate: 「そうしたら炎と氷の風になってた…悔しかったんだねぇうんうん」
Tobiko: 「魔王たる者、炎の風くらい朝飯前に出せないといけない物なのだろう」
Momiji: (どこかの72の悪魔を統べる奴は、炎どころか太陽を落として来たな…)
Aya: No, I provoked her by saying even the Great Tengu could create this flaming wind.
Hatate: Then it turned into a fire AND ice wind, how annoying...
Tobiko: For someone like a demon lord, something like flaming wind is a piece of cake.
Momiji: (That man who commanded 72 demons could control even the sun, let alone flames...)
Spell Card 7 - 2
魔爪「サタンクロウズ」 (Matsume "Satan Kurouzu")
Demon Claw "Satan Claws"[1]
Mumumu Mikaboshi
Level 7 — 2
Aya:邪悪な笑み (デススマイル) を浮かべてますね、こういうのをラスボスと言うそうです」
Hatate: 「魔王としての本性を表すと、鋭い牙や爪が生えて来るのね」
Tobiko: 「雑魚妖精とて同じ事、可愛い姿をしている人外ほど用心が必要だ」
Momiji: (そう言えば何故私はムダに人間の姿など取っているのだろう…)
Aya: Judging by that evil smile (Deathsmile) , she could easily be the final boss.
Hatate: To express your nature as a demon lord, 'course you need sharp fangs and claws.
Tobiko: Just like those small-fry fairies, the cuter they look, the more you need to be wary.
Momiji: (If so, then why am I taking a humanoid form...)
Spell Card 7 - 3
巨星「ジャイアントインパクト」 (Kyosei "Jaianto Inpakuto")
Giant Star "Giant Impact"
Mumumu Mikaboshi
Level 7 — 3
Aya: 「でかーい」
Hatate: 「説明不要」
Tobiko: 「この初見での衝撃、まさしくジャイアントインパクトだな!」
Momiji: (寧ろ地獄鴉や地獄女神のスペル名と紛らわしいのだが…)
Aya: It's too much...
Hatate: No comment...[2]
Tobiko: To display such ferociousness... truly, the name "Giant Impact" is most appropriate!
Momiji: (You can also say she got the spell card names of the Hell raven and Hell goddess mixed up...)[3]
Spell Card 7 - 4
捜符「マイソードディテクター」 (Sōfu "Mai Sōdo Ditekutā")
Search Sign "My Sword Detector"
Michel Sant'Angelo
Level 7 — 4
Aya: 「何の目的でか、かの妖怪鼠から宝探しの奥義を教わったそうです」
Hatate: 「理由は答えてくんないし、鼠の方に聞いても教えてくんないのよね」
Tobiko: 「分かったのは、お礼に彼女から鼠くんに洗礼を与えたことくらいだ」
Momiji: (ナズリエルという洗礼名も与えたらしいな…)
Aya: For whatever reason, it seems she was taught the art of treasure hunting from the mouse youkai.
Hatate: I don't know why either, but maybe we could just ask that mouse.
Tobiko: I understand it was an expression of gratitude for giving her a baptism.
Momiji: (It seems she was given the baptismal name of Nazriel...)
Spell Card 7 - 5
追撃「ゴモラも終了のお知らせ」 (Tsuigeki "Gomora mo Shūryō no Oshirase")
Follow-Up Strike "Notice of Gomorrah's End, Too"[4]
Michel Sant'Angelo
Level 7 — 5
Aya: 「ゴモラの方忘れてた…ですって、一体何のことなんでしょう」
Hatate: 「地面から塩の柱が生えて来るのも超絶意味がわかんない」
Tobiko: 「僕の解釈ではこれは、海の無い幻想郷に塩を恵みに来たのではないか」
Momiji: (そういえば何処から塩が湧いてるのだ…考えた事もなかったぞ…?)
Aya: I forgot about Gomorrah...what the hell is it actually?
Hatate: I don't get why salt pillars are rising from the ground.
Tobiko: In my interpretation, she's blessing Gensokyo with the salt of the sea.
Momiji: (Then where did the salt even come from...?)
Spell Card 7 - 6
発見!「ダブルフレイムセイバー」 (Hakken! "Daburu Fureimu Seibā")
Discovery! "Double Flame Saber"
Michel Sant'Angelo
Level 7 — 6
Hatate:「でうす様から授かった燃える剣と、仲間 (ウリエル) から借りた焔の剣」
Momiji: (探すと幻想郷中にもう何本か落ちてそうだな…)
Aya: I see, this is the sword you were looking for with your dowsing.
Hatate: The first burning sword was given to her by Deus, and she borrowed one from a collague (Uriel) .
Tobiko: And what came out of my hand is the Divine Sword Dragonslayer[5], hahaha.
Momiji: (If she needs searching devices, just how many have drifted into Gensokyo...?)
Spell Card 7 - 7
鈍器「高所玉垂遊戯」 (Donki "Kōsho Tamata Yūgi")
Blunt Objects "High-Altitude Ball-Dropping Game"[6]
Takenouchi no Tarumi
Level 7 — 7
Aya: 「名前通り、頭上に組まれた足場から玉が降って来ます」
Hatate: 「玉を避けながら上まで登って撮影しろという事ね」
Tobiko: 「この遊戯、ずっと寝ていた桃姫君の肉体のリハビリに用いると聞く」
Momiji: (飛行せずとも華麗な跳躍で玉をかわすとか…恐るべき古代王)
Aya: As per the name, it's a game where gigantic orbs tumble down from laser-racks.
Hatate: You need to dodge the huge orbs while climbing upwards to snap a photo... it's that kind of situation.
Tobiko: I heard this spell card was used for Momohime's physiotherapy when she revived from a deep sleep.
Momiji: (Without flight, one must dodge the orbs with fantastic leaps and pounces. The ancient rulers are scary...)
Spell Card 7 - 8
超必殺「古墳文化アタック」 (Chōhissatsu "Kofun Bunka Atakku")
Super Finisher "Kofun Culture Attack" [7]
Takenouchi no Tarumi
Level 7 — 8
Aya: 「あーもう暴れないで下さい、こんな狭い所で」
Hatate: 「豊聡耳神子から教わった技って噂だけど、真相は分かんなかったわ」
Tobiko: 「彼女が肉弾戦を? いや、確かに勺で斬ってるのは見たが…」
Momiji: (スカートの中が見えぬよう、ジャージなる服装で行うらしいな…)
Aya: This space is already so narrow, so quit making a ruckus, please!
Hatate: Rumors say this skill was passed on from Toyosatomimi no Miko, but til' today we, like, don't know for sure.[8]
Tobiko: Eh, Miko somehow knows close-combat skills? I've only ever seen her use the shaku...
Momiji: (Oh, maybe she transformed just to avoid any skirt accidents...)
Spell Card 7 - 9
「ダイブレードヤマタイザー」 ("Daiburēdo Yamataizā")
"Diveblade Yamataizer"
Takenouchi no Tarumi
Level 7 — 9
Aya: 「海の宰相殿は、埴輪の巨腕によって様々な技を繰り出せるようです」
Hatate: 「レーヴァ…いや何でもない」
Tobiko: 「ヤマタイザーとは何なのだろう、この上なく恰好良い響きであるが」
Momiji: (この地を邪馬台国化~Yamatize~する者…という造語と思われる…)
Aya: The sea minister seems to play with various techniques using the Haniwa's giant arm.
Hatate: It's, like, Læva...whatever it's called.
Tobiko: What's a Yamataizer? It sounds so fancy.
Momiji: (With the purpose to turn this land into that of Yamatai, she created the term "Yamataize"...)
Spell Card 7 - 10
朱槍「スピア・ザ・ジュウモンジ」 (Shuyari "Supia Za Juumonji")
Vermillion Spear "Spear the Juumonji"
Sengo Sanada
Level 7 — 10
Aya: 「出ました、あれこそは戦国英雄の象徴である紅き十文字槍」
Hatate: 「紅は目立つ事を狙ってるんだろうけど、十字は何なんだろうね」
Tobiko: 「僕の解釈だと、あれは真田が伴天連の血を引く象徴だと…」
Momiji: (こいつ、たまに息をするように適当な事を言い出すな…)
Aya: Here we see a symbol of the Sengoku Period, a red cross spear.
Hatate: I guess the red is, like, for hogging attention, but why's the shape a cross?
Tobiko: In my interpretation, the Sanada clan inherited the cross as a heavenly symbol.
Momiji: (This brat sure crafts up lies as if it were as simple as breathing...)
Spell Card 7 - 11
「スカイサーファー『真田丸』」 ("Sukai Sāfā “Sanada Maru”")
"Sky Surfer: Sanada Maru"
Sengo Sanada
Level 7 — 11
Aya: 「なんかもうノリノリですね、まさに戦国サーファー」
Hatate: 「てか何ででかい顔までついて来てんのよ! ノリノリすぎぃ!」
Tobiko: 「目立てば後世に伝説となって語り継がれるからね、僕のように」
Momiji: (人間だった頃のお前は便所で切られて死んだんだっけ…?)
Aya: Waves are washing over. She's the Sengoku Surfer.
Hatate: Actually, what's up with her nyuudou and surfing spells? I think the joke is washing over me.
Tobiko: Only by being extravagantly flashy and elegant can you become a legend in the eras to come. Like me.
Momiji: (Didn't your real-world counterpart get hacked to death in a toilet?)
Spell Card 7 - 12
武将合技「戦国氷炎無双斬」 (Bushō Gōwaza "Sengoku Hien Musōzan")
Generals' Combo Move "Sengoku Ice-Fire Peerless Slash"
Sengo Sanada
Level 7 — 12
Aya: 「謎の影が真田丸に乗り移ったようですが、残念、捉えられませんでした」
Hatate:「私の解釈だと、これは氷の武将が乗り移ったのかな? で、それって誰?」
Momiji: (いや待て、私の知っている戦国時代とかなり違うぞ…)
Aya: Ah, I thought I saw a shadowed figure behind Sengo. Pity I didn't manage to snap a photo.
Hatate: My interpretation is that she's possessed by an ice-type general. But who would that be?
Tobiko: Speaking of which, the Akechi family[9] often used ice swords and dark sickles.
Momiji: (Hold up, everything I've seen thus far is entirely different from the Sengoku Period I know of...)


  1. Satan Claws is the name of the main antagonist of Deathsmiles II X. Aya's comment makes this blatantly obvious.
  2. Aya's and Hatate's comments are similar to the introduction of Andreas Regan in the manga Baki the Grappler
  3. She's referring to Utsuho's Giant Star "Red Giant" and Hecatia's Moon "Lunatic Impact"
  4. Reference to one of Michel's spell cards from The Last Comer, Revelation "Notice of Sodom's End".
  5. Reference to one of Michel's spell cards from The Last Comer, Demise "Dragonslayer".
  6. 鈍器 is pronounced "donki", and the spell is a reference to the Donkey Kong video games.
  7. Based on the "Asuka Culture Attack," a goofy-looking somersault used by Prince Shoutoku in the comic Gag Manga Biyori.
  8. A reference to yuke's infamous "Touhou All-Star" (東方弾幕おーるすたー) video; Miko's spellcard in the video is a functionally-similar "Asuka Culture Attack", also in reference to Gag Manga Biyori.
  9. She's talking about Akechi Mitsuhide from the Sengoku Basara video games. Mitsuhide uses shadow-element weaponry.
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