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Trump King

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MS Extra Stage Midboss
Sprite of the Trump King in Mystic Square

A Wonderland within Makai

Official Games

The Trump King (トランプキング Toranpu Kingu) is some kind of creature in the appearance of a card and is the midboss of the Extra Stage of Mystic Square. It appears in a Wonderland that's possibly a tool created by Alice Margatroid to use as a weapon and appears out of the blue to attack the heroine after passing some card solders and fairies. It sprinkles a barrage of danmaku at the player and is thought to be strong. Once defeated, it drops a 1up. Since it's got no dialogue with the player, nothing is known about it.

Character Design


The card is unnamed, but it is commonly called the Trump King (トランプキング), taken from the Japanese fanbase, who notably uses the name to refer to this character. It's possibly written in katakana instead of kanji to give it a western feeling since the whole stage is westernised. It could've easily been written as Kirifuda Kokuou (切札国王). It's call the "king" because it's the strongest card on the stage and that it has a crown, but this is somewhat ambiguously incorrect because a Jack is in the 11th rank below the King and Queen, the lowest face card. It may also be referred to as the "MS Extra Stage Midboss" (怪綺談EX面中ボス) or the "Nameless Midboss Card" by Westerners.


Its sprite shows that it's a playing card that is a Jack due to evidence of a "J", but with an unknown suit. It seems to have red hands, red feet, a red stick and a crown. It appears to be based on the cards seen in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, since the whole stage is also based on this book and the stage theme is called "Alice in Wonderland".

Additional Information

  • The Trump King is one of the few midbosses in the whole series that changes its attack pattern of danmaku as its health bar decreases.


Official Sources

Official sources