Tsukiyo Gensou

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Circle Japanese name: 月夜幻想
Circle English name: Lunaphase
Artist: 結城えいし(Yuuki Eishi)
Link: http://homepage3.nifty.com/lunaphase/

Princess' Illusionary Funeral - atropa belladonna (2009-08-15)

Translated by Orange, edited by Cappy


Beware When You Travel To Higan!! (2009-12-30)

Translated by Soljashy,RTM and Nameless Fairy, edited by ffure21


I Will Wait For You Under the Moon and the Rain (2010-03-14)

Translated by kamyu, edited by Mae


The New Year's Day Temple Bell Incident (2012-12-30)

Translated by arcrenciel, edited by monhan