Two Red Dots

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SoEW 3rd Stage Midboss
Sprite of the midboss in Story of Eastern Wonderland

World of Fantasies

Official Games

These two strange, magical, mysterious creatures seem to exist in the World of Fantasies that attacked Reimu Hakurei and Genjii on the third stage of Story of Eastern Wonderland, being the midboss of the stage, that each creature has its own health bar. They appear on the opposite of each side of the screen and that they both quickly swap positions by moving (float?) from side to side on their opposites and move down while shooting white bullets. They'll do this again, move upwards and do this repeatedly until self-destructing if they aren't defeated by the player on time. Just what they are, what they're called and who created them are completely unknown.

Background Information

The sprite shows that both of these creatures have a big red dot with a thin grey cross in the centre. They have grey material around the dot with red markings on one side with black markings on the other. They both appear to have something grey pointing out both sides at the top of the dot that resembles two aerials or two horns of some sort. They also have four grey auras sticking out (two big, two small) that strangely twirls on themselves. It's unknown whether they're flat or in a form of an actual body.


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