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In-Game Dialogue[edit]

Other Translations[edit]

Difficulty Levels[edit]

平原级 EASY MODE 知行合一
Flat Plain Level Easy Mode Knowledge and action are one in the same.
For those without any clear aim.
丘陵级 NORMAL MODE 宁静到远
Hilly Terrain Level Normal Mode A tranquil mind goes a long way.
For self-satisfied people.
高原级 HARD MODE 心外无物
High Plateau Level Hard Mode Nothing exists outside the mind.[1]
For clear-minded people.
Outer Space Level Lunatic Mode Gather your mind and you gather god.

For those who sleep on their feet.

深海级 EXTRA MODE 避世离俗
Deep Sea Level Extra Mode Do your best to escape this world.

For those who have transcended their humanity.

Stage Titles[edit]

Stage 1 「隐于雾中的辉光」 A Shining Light Hidden in the Mist
Stage 2 「森林中的时间旅者」 Time Traveler in the Forest
Stage 3 「夕阳下的天空列车」 Heavenly Trains Under the Setting Sun
Stage 4 「虚实之间的梦幻旅行」 Dream Voyage Between False and Real
Stage 5 「无序凝聚的汪洋」 Vast Ocean of Chaotic Condensation
Stage 6 「空想的本源」 The Source of Imagination
Stage Inf 「时间的尽头」 The End of Time
Stage EX 「心灵极限的指引者」 Guide of the Ultimate Spiritual Limits

Staff Roll[edit]

Extra Manual[edit]

A manual.pdf with more extensive gameplay data can be found in the game's Steam directory. Last Updated for v1.1.0


  1. A part of the Chinese phrase by Wang Yangming, 心外无物,心外无理 ("nothing exists outside the mind, there is no reason outside the heart"). The meaning here is that in order to understand the mysteries of the universe and know the truth of all things, one must simply look back to their own mindfulness and conscious.