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By purchasing a card after defeating a boss, you can start with that card in your next run.
If you purchase a card from the first boss, you'll still obtain something even if you get defeated at stage 2.
However, since you lose money upon getting hit, you'll have to aim to defeat the first boss without misses in order to make efficient purchases.
There's comparatively many opportunities to obtain bomb fragments in this game (midbosses/boss spellcards drop those even if you bomb or get hit). In addition to that, since you get a bomb upon collecting 3 fragments, bombs are comparatively easy to get. On the other hand, the penalty for getting hit is particularly significant; don't hesitate to bomb if you're about to get hit.

Stage section 1

1. Yin-yang orb area A1

  • Yin-yang orb x5
  • Yin-yang orb x6
  • Yin-yang orb x9

2. Subtitle
3. Fairy area A

  • Fairies x8, 4 lines (from the top)
  • Mid fairy x1 (from top center)
  • Mid fairies x8 (from the sides)
  • Fairies (2 lines from the top)

4. Sunflower fairy area A

  • Sunflower fairies x3 (from the top)

5. Yin-yang orb area A2

Midboss nonspell (Mike Goutokuji)

Omnidirectional lines of bullets (Easy: 16-way x4, Normal: 16-way x7, Hard: 20-way x9, Lunatic: 24-way x9)
Odd-numbered waves are fired at a static angle, even-numbered waves are fired at an angle depending on your position.
Among Mike's attacks, aside from her first spell, this one is the most effective way of getting money with the Mallet.
You can dodge this pattern by going along with the bullet lines as they get fired, and then leaving horizontally. This pattern has low health, so you can finish it very quickly with Vampire Fang.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 bomb fragment card and 10 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Stage section 2

1. Yin-yang orb area (bonus)
2. Fairy area B

  • Mid fairies x4 (from the sides)
  • Sunflower fairy x1 (from top center) Drops 1 life fragment card
  • Sunflower fairies x2 (from top left/right) Each drops 1 bomb fragment
  • Mid fairies x4 (from the sides)

Boss nonspell 1 (Mike Goutokuji)

Omnidirectional rainbow bullets (Easy: 8-way, Normal: 16-way, Hard: 20-way, Lunatic: 26-way)
It's easier to dodge if you stand slightly to the left of the boss.

Beckon Sign "Many Danmaku Guests"

21 bullets that descend at different speeds (Easy: 2-way, Normal: 5-way, Hard: 10-way, Lunatic: 16-way)
Move forward as far as you can, and go back down to dodge bullets if it gets dangerous.
Some bullets are fairly fast; it might be easier if you focus on the area a bit in front of your character.
Also, since bullet density gets higher as you move away from the center, prepare to pursue the enemy.
The slower bullets will get in your way as they get left behind, so aim to finish this pattern quickly.
If you have the Vampire Fang, you can easily capture this spellcard by aiming it at the bullet source.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 bomb fragment card and 10 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Boss nonspell 2 (Mike Goutokuji)

Repeatedly fires odd and even waves of nonspell 1.
It's 28-way on Lunatic now, but the firing interval is longer.
Getting pushed to the right is dangerous, so stay to the left.

Beckon Sign "Shoot Away Disaster, Beckon in Fortune"

Fires random omnidirectional bullets. 8-way on Easy, 16-way otherwise; fires 3 times on Easy/Normal, 5 on Hard, and 8 on Lunatic.
Adds slowly moving aimed large bullets on Normal and above.
Focus on pure dodging while watching out for large bullets. Since the glowing bullet lines might make it hard to see, feel free to bomb.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 spell fragment card and 10 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.