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Unconnected Marketeers/Gameplay/Strategy/Stage 3

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If you don't have enough firepower at this stage, mob enemies and bosses are going to be noticeably tough, and they'll be even tougher later on.
Build up enough power in order to avoid getting stuck.

Stage section 1

1. Fairy area A

  • Fairies (from around top of the screen)

2. Subtitle
3. Fairy area A2

  • Fairies (6 from left, 6 from right, 6 from left, 6 from right. They shoot aimed small bullets)

4. Sunflower fairy area A

  • Sunflower fairy (from top, fires 4-way mid-sized bullets that won't hit you if you stand still)
  • Fairies (both from left and right, fire 6-way rice bullets that move after stopping for a bit)

You can significantly reduce amount of rice bullets by clinging to an edge of the screen.

Midboss nonspell (Sannyo Komakusa)

Static pattern fired at an angle depending on player position.
The pattern moves to the left on odd waves and to the right on even ones.
Once the bullets get in position, they change further trajectory depending on your character position; if you stand still at that moment, they will move in an organized pattern.
On other hand, if you start moving left/right, the bullets will get scattered, making dodging more difficult. Same applies to the rest of Sannyo's nonspells.
Be careful of any leftover bullets lingering between the rings. If you're not used to it, use a bomb.
Bullets will get fired immediately after the pre-pattern conversation ends - if you're planning to use Vampire Fang, move forward in advance. Activate it as soon as possible, move forward, and go back to bottom of the screen after dealing damage. If you're too slow, you will get hit by the bullets.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 life fragment card and 20 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Stage section 2

1. Bonus area
2. Sunflower fairy area B1

  • Sunflower fairy (from top center)
  • Sunflower fairies (one from top left/right each; each drops 1 bomb fragment when defeated)
  • Sunflower fairy (from top center, drops Ringo-brand Dango when defeated)

3. Mid fairy area

  • Mid fairies (both from left and right, 20 each)

4. Sunflower fairy area B2

  • Sunflower fairy (from top center, drops 1 life fragment when defeated. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the reward, but she's very tough, and you might end up timing out the pattern. The bullets are pretty fast as well, making it easy to get hit; don't hesitate to bomb)

Boss nonspell 1 (Sannyo Komakusa)

Same as midboss nonspell, except bullets are slower and pattern density is higher.
Dodging strategy is still the same. Bomb if you're not confident.

Mountain Sign "Heaven-Shaking Kumomagusa" (E/N), Mountain Apparition "Astonishing Kumomagusa" (H/L)

A far more denser variation of her nonspell patterns. The bullet behaviour is very complex, but it still depends on your character position.
Bullet speed upon being launched depends on player position. Basically, the closer you are to the bullet source, the slower the bullets will be.
If you position yourself close to the bottom-right/right side of the pattern, the bullets will slow down significantly, making dodging easier. If you position yourself on the left side, bullet speed will be higher - the pattern becomes less dense, but you're more likely to get hit as well.
This spellcard is difficult, so don't hesitate to bomb.
On Hard and above, there is an additional layer of bullets.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 bomb fragment card and 20 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Boss nonspell 2 (Sannyo Komakusa)

It's a bit more organized than before, but it's difficult to properly observe the bullet pattern. The bullets are pretty fast as well.
On higher difficulty levels, you might be better off focusing on pure dodging.

Mountain Sign "Usuyukisou Shining with Bewitching Light" (E/N), Mountain Apparition "Usuyukisou of Thronging Crowds of Youma" (H/L)

5-way omnidirectional lasers aimed to the sides of the player that emit randomly scattered glowing bullets.
On higher difficulty levels also fires omnidirectional rice bullets from enemy position (80-way on Hard, 96-way on Lunatic).
Somewhat similar to Hard version Return Inanimateness from Subterranean Animism; the bullets here are slower.
If you're playing as Sakuya or Sanae, dodging while standing in a corner is an effective strategy.
Reimu and Marisa have to focus on dodging in the front.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 bomb fragment card and 20 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Boss nonspell 3 (Sannyo Komakusa)

You should be able to see where the bullet rings are going before they break up.
If you watch closely, this nonspell isn't too difficult.
The pattern depends on your position; it will be slightly easier to stream it at the bottom of screen. On the other hand, if you move around too much, the rings will get scattered, making dodging difficult.
Don't be too concerned if you have trouble dealing damage; in the worst case, you can time it out.

Mountain Flower "Komakusa of Massacre" (E/N), Mountain Flower "Mountain Queen of Massacre" (H/L)

Positions several mid-sized bullets (6 on Easy/Normal, 9 on Hard, 12 on Lunatic) that fires multiple straight aimed lasers (amount depends on difficulty level) followed by omnidirectonal bullets depending on enemy position. On Normal and above, the omnidirectional bullet pattern has 3 layers.
While the lasers are being fired, move strictly to the left or right, ignoring the lasers as you focus on dodging the bullets.
You can route the initial barrage to some degree, but it's harder to do it for next waves because of enemy movement.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 life fragment card and 30 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.