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Unconnected Marketeers/Gameplay/Strategy/Stage 4

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This stage has multiple unusual elements - the midboss has a difficult timeout nonspell, and the boss uses ying-yang projectiles that can't be cleared with bombs.
Both stage sections and boss patterns require plenty of pure dodging; depending on your skills, this stage might be more difficult than stage 5. The ying-yang bullet resistance to bombs gets particularly nasty on Lunatic.
If you're playing as Sakuya, the ying-yang stopped by your bomb won't get erased, and they'll mix up with projectiles from the next wave.

Stage section 1

1. Blue ying-yang orbs
2. Subtitle
3. Red ying-yang orbs

  • Appear both from left and right; repeated 3 times

4. Fairies

  • First one drops Money Comes and Goes
  • The rest are bonus enemies

5. Green ying-yang orbs

The fairies start dropping few items starting from the second one; since more of them will appear and start firing bullets if you defeat them, you should quickly defeat the first one and stop shooting once the second appears.

The blue/green ying-yangs will scatter bullets around as they go; the higher your shot power is, the less bullets you have to deal with.
Green ying-yang orb area has a lot of bullets, feel free to use a bomb if you have one.

Midboss nonspell (Ying-yang orb)

It's surprisingly durable for a midboss.
It goes left and right while changing its vertical position and randomly scatters mid-sized bullets around (Hard and above adds small omnidirectional bullets).
The mid-sized bullets are aimed roughly to the upper-left of your character; you can dodge them by swaying horizontally, there's no need to go further up.
If you're about to get overwhelmed, use a bomb or an ability card when the midboss comes down.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 life fragment card and 20 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Stage section 2

1. Spirits
2. Sunflower fairies
3. Green ying-yang orbs

  • 32, intersecting from right and left

4. Sunglower fairies x3

  • Middle one drops life fragment, left/right drop bomb fragments

In the green ying-yang orb area, if you have a powerful homing shot, you can deal with half of them using your main shot and leave the rest to your subshot.
Marisa and Sakuya can dodge by circling around the screen.

About ying-yang projectiles

The ying-yang projectiles the boss uses have a hitbox almost the same size of their actual sprite. If you think of them having the same hitbox as they did in PoFV, you're likely to get hit.
They can't be erased by bombs or several ability cards, but small ying-yangs can be cleared by UFO/Backdoor/Magatama or Vampire Fang.
Danmaku Ghost might be capable of erasing both large and small ying-yangs.

Boss nonspell 1 (Misumaru Tamatsukuri)

Intersecting ying-yang orbs depending on enemy position + 5 random bullets. Firing interval keeps getting shorter as time passes.
Go between ying-yang orbs, look for an opening and move up. She will fire aimed penalty bullets if you get too close, but it's a 1-way pattern with long firing interval, so it's not too much of a concern.
The ying-yang orbs will come back; you can dodge them one time by standing in lower left or lower right corner.

Orb Sign "Rainbow Dragon Yin-Yang Orbs" (E/N/H), Orb Sign "Yin-Yang Divine Orbs" (L)

Ying-yang orbs affected by gravity that reflect off the top, left and right sides of the screen.
7-way on Easy, 21-way otherwise. Firing interval is shorter on Hard and above. Lunatic adds 12-way large ying-yang orbs.
Requires a lot of pure dodging; it's particularly easy to get cornered on Lunatic, bombing is recommended. Keep in mind bombs won't erase those projectiles, so it has to be used at proper time.
Clearing this pattern will give you Ringo-brand Dango and 15 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Boss nonspell 2

Similar to nonspell 1, except the ying-yang orbs are coming back more aggressively.
On Hard and above, amount of ying-yang orbs increases.
Go down through the returning ying-yang orbs, then go up through the next ying-yang wave and through the ying-yang orbs that come back again.
It might be a good idea to go down a bit before going through the ying-yang orbs that come back once again.

Jeweled General "Queen of Yin-Yang Sphere" (E/N), Queenly Gem "Beyond the Rainbow Door" (H/L)

Large ying-yang orbs (6-way on Easy, 14-way on Normal, 20-way on Hard, 27-way on Lunatic) position intersecting smaller ying-yang orbs. Angle of large orbs depends on player position.
Once the positioned bullets start moving, their bomb resistance disappears.
Stand under the boss in an area where a large orb has passed through, wait for an opening and move forward without hesitation.

  • On Easy, wait behind the blue orb close to Misumaru and move forward once orbs have intersected once in front of you. Pure dodging works as well.
  • On Normal, wait behing the yellow orb for one intersection.
  • On Hard, wait behind the red orb for two intersections.
  • On Lunatic, wait behing the violet orb for three intersections. The gap should open up around the time next bullets are fired.

After you've made it through the opening, avoid the large orbs and repeat. On Lunatic, the pattern density is noticeably higher compared to Hard - move away from the boss into a corner.
The boss sometimes might move down; on Lunatic, this will require intense micrododging.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 bomb fragment and 20 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Boss nonspell 3

In this nonspell, the ying-yang orbs are fired one set at a time, and they don't come back.
Focus on the ying-yang orbs and bomb if droplets get in your way.

"Yin-Yang Suffocation"

Large ying-yang orbs fall from above, along with bouncing orbs from the first spell. Pure dodging.
The large orbs don't fall straight down; they're slightly tilted.
The bouncing orbs don't have bomb resistance, but more of them will be added as time passes.
This pattern has a lot of health; it's going to be difficult if you don't have enough power. If you're bombing it, using 2 bombs is recommended.
If you're playing as Sanae, you can cut down 1/2 - 2/3 of this pattern's health by using a bomb as the previous pattern ends (Byakuren's scroll helps here) and using Vampire Fang as soon as the spellcard is declared.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 life fragment and 30 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.