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The danmaku in the stage section is very intense for stage 5, but a lot of it is aimed and can be routed.
Use practice mode to guarantee consistency in those sections. Of course, you're free to make a route involving using ability cards.
Most of the boss patterns require difficult micrododging. Laser spellcards in particular are likely to cause accidental misses due to their high health. Be very careful.

Stage section 1

Starts out with fairies appearing from left and right (they come in at low altitude, be careful not to get hit) that shoot aimed bullets. Defeat as many as possible and collect power.
It's followed by fairies shooting aimed 3-way violet bullet, but you can speedkill them at screen edges, so it shouldn't require making difficult restreaming.

Next up is a set of a fairy shooting omnidirectional mid-sized stars and 2 ying-yang orbs shooting aimed bullets.
Speedkill the fairy in the middle and clean up the ying-yang orbs.
The next set adds enemies shooting homing fireballs - clear it as fast as you can.
Homing fireballs can be avoided by staying at the edge of the screen. They're also fairly slow, don't hesitate to use the entire screen to dodge them.

Midboss nonspell (Tsukasa Kudamaki)

Yellow and green aimed winder danmaku.

For Hard difficulty:

Misdirect it to bottom left and enter from the right side. Next, leave the winder through the right side.
With that, the next wave will be aimed to the right, so move to the left side and repeat.
If you're attempting this on Lunatic, you have to misdirect it further away.

If you're using Vampire Fang, you'll have to stay in front for a bit without getting hit by the winder pattern.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 life fragment card and 20 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Stage section 2

A lot of ying-yang orbs come out from top right of the screen, slowly heading towards the bottom left corner while shooting bullets.
Properly handling this section is the most difficult part of stage 5.
They appear in a fairly wide area around top center - top center-right, so clearing them up with focused shot will be difficult.
You'll have to keep on defeating enemies as they appear to reduce the amount of bullets, increasing the safe area you can move around.
Since this section is fairly long, if you don't have enough power, you might have to use 2-3 bombs on higher difficulties.
By the way, this section becomes longer if you defeat the mid-boss quickly enough; you can either dodge the midboss pattern until the last moment, or bomb it and endure this section.

This is followed by spirits from below firing aimed bullets; after that, it's 2 sets of fairies from the sides shooting small stars. The angle of star bullets is static; if you have enough homing firepower, you can stand still after entering an opening.

Defeat the spirits close to the middle of the screen and wait for the fairies to come.

Next up, fairies appear from both sides shooting aimed lines of bullets.
While you can speedkill them at the edges of the screen before they fire, you might get cornered by bullets coming from the other side; maneuver through the gaps between bullet lines.

Finally, a fairy randomly scattering mid-sized stars will appear. It drops a life fragment upon being defeated.

In the general, there's very little interval between enemy attacks on this stage; you'll have to dispose of them as fast as possible to guarantee consistency.
If you lose a lot of power due to constantly getting hit, recovering it will be difficult, and you might quickly lose the rest of your lives.

Boss nonspell 1 (Megumu Iizunamaru)

Mid-sized bullets fired at a static angle release star bullets roughly aimed at your character.
Enter a gap between star bullets and move once the bullets on the opposite side start moving.
It might be difficult to effectively deal damage with your shot, but the pattern difficulty will raise significantly if you try to end it quickly, so try to endure it.

Calamitous Star "Dance of Star-Sparked Wildfire" (E/N), Calamitous Star "Wild Dance of Star-Sparked Wildfire" (H/L)

Places star bullets in winding trajectories; after a slight delay, they break up, becoming roughly aimed at the player.

On Easy, there are only three star bullet lines; each wave has a gap - dodge at bottom of the screen and restream.
Even-numbered waves place stars in bottom right corner - move from left to right on odd waves and from right to left on even ones.

How easy this spellcard is to capture heavily depends on your shottype.
If your shot is greatly powered up by something like Centipede, you might be able to clear it before the first wave arrives.
Sanae equipped with Survival of the Fittest might clear it partway through second wave without having to go through broken up bullet lines.
On the other hand, Marisa without any shot powerups might requires going through two waves.
This pattern is difficult to estimate and read; depending on how much power you have, you might have to plan to bomb in advance.
Clearing this pattern will give you Money Comes and Goes and 10 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Boss nonspell 2

There are more stars now, but they're not aimed. Focus on pure dodging while staying in bottom center.
Due to significant difference in bullet speed, Lunatic version might be easier than Hard.

Stellar Wind "Dance of Dazzling Iridescence" (E/N), Stellar Wind "Wild Dance of Dazzling Iridescence" (H/L)

A lot of lasers. Pure dodging.
There's a fair amount of time between warning lines of lasers appearing and their hitboxes actually applying.
Warning, erasing bullets might backfire on you. In particular, it's easy to get hit just as soon as bomb invulnerability wears off.
You might get trapped on higher difficulties; in this case, use a bomb.
Generally, you want to make small horizontal movements, but you might have to move vertically if diagonal lasers overlap.
You might be able to avoid the lasers even if you don't move a lot, so don't hurry.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 bomb fragment and 20 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Boss nonspell 3

Pattern depends on enemy position. Stars are fired from mid-sized bullets at a static angle (4-way on Easy/Normal, 5-way on Hard, 6-way on Lunatic)
On Hard and below, you can dodge at the bottom. On Lunatic, bullet angles become awkward, requiring vertical movement.

Using Magatama might make this pattern easier; same with second nonspell.

Luminous Horse "Dance of Sky-Racing Heavenly Steeds" (E/N), Luminous Horse "Wild Dance of Sky-Racing Heavenly Steeds" (H/L)

5 mid-sized bullets are fired; they stop for a moment, then head towards the player while releasing fireballs.

On Easy, fireball projectiles are 1-way and follow the mid-sized bullet trajectory, so you can dodge with horizontal movement at the bottom.
Restream when there's no mid-sized bullets being fired.

On Normal and above, move forward when the mid-sized bullets are fired, leading them in a way to make the 2 lowest ones pass along the same line.
Then go down and dodge bullet lines horizontally, then go back forward in center and repeat.
On Hard and above, you'll have to dodge through the bullet lines.
Megumu's movement might break up this pattern; it might be difficult to clear it in time without a homing shot, so bomb if you need to.
Clearing this pattern will give you Ringo-brand Dango and 20 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Rainbow Illumination "Clear and Tranquil Wind and Moon"

Static lasers + periodically fired omnidirectional stars. Stars start out at 6-way on Easy, 18-way on Normal, 30-way on Hard and 48-way on Lunatic and increase by 6-way with each wave up to fifth.
Requires micrododging. Dodge the omnidirectional bullets while maneuvering into gaps between lasers, then repeat.
The omnidirectional bullet density becomes absurd on higher difficulties; if you're playing as Sanae, dodge in bottom right/left corner while using your focused homing shot.
Reimu still can use her unfocused homing shot after dodging the star projectiles, but Marisa and Sakuya will have trouble.
Just like with second spell, erasing bullets might backfire. This pattern also has plenty of health; if you're bombing through it, plan to use at least two bombs.
Clearing this pattern will give you 20 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.