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Stage section is centered around aimed patterns, but they're tricky because they come at you from different sides.
Depending on your shottype and ability cards, you might have trouble dealing with the enemies here.

The boss has many unique patterns, like starting out with a semi-survival spellcard, but most of them can be routed.
Aside from the last 2 spellcards, they're not difficult for a stage 6 boss, so you might want to practice them.

Depending on the ability cards you have at this point, you might be able to clear this stage if you start with 2-3 extra lives.
However, if you end up running low on power, your extra lives might not be enough. Be very careful about that.

Stage section 1

Fairies come in on the screen, shooting aimed bullets that move slowly at first and the accelerate.
They appear in following order:

  • From top center-left/right, moving down and shooting violet bullets
  • From the sides around upper-middle area, moving horizontally and shooting blue bullets
  • From bottom left/right, moving up and shooting cyan bullets
  • From the sides at the top, moving diagonally down and shooting green bullets
  • From the sides around lower-middle area, moving diagonally up and shooting yellow bullets
  • From top left/right, moving down and shooting red bullets

Route their attacks, keeping in mind the delay in the aimed bullet movement.
The cyan and yellow bullets are pretty annoying; having the Backdoor card makes them easier.

Midboss nonspell (Tsukasa Kudamaki)

Red/violet winder danmaku dependent on player position. Unlike similar pattterns in stage 5 and Extra, the winders intersect.
Stream it towards either left or right side and keep dodging.
Clearing this pattern will give you 1 life fragment card and 50 money items. Getting hit or using bombs doesn't affect the rewards.

Stage section 2

Fairies from stage section 1 keep appearing for a while (however, there's only one of the violet ones).
After you clear the red bullet fairies, a sunflower fairy scattering bullets around will appear at top center.
After that, more sunflower fairies come from top left/right.
Each of those three drop a bomb fragment, but you might not be able to defeat the last one depending on your firepower.

Boss nonspell 1 (Chimata Tenkyuu)

Several bullet emitters rotate around Chimata, firing amulet bullets.
On hard and below, there are blue and violet projectiles. Gaps between them become more narrow on higher difficulties.
Lunatic adds cyan amulets and increases bullet speed. Gaps are around the same size as the Hard version.

"An Offering to the Ownerless"

A semi-survival spell, similar to Fantasy Seal - Blink or Bullet Branch of Hourai from IN.
The boss hides above top of the screen, positioning bullets in a fanning pattern behind the player (from the point of view of Chimata). The bullets then move in to the position of the player, with some of them vanishing.
After 11th set, Chimata comes back, letting you shoot her down.
On lower difficulties, the survival part is longer (due to longer firing interval); you'll have 35 seconds left on Easy, 37 on Normal, 40 on Hard, and 42 on Lunatic.

You can reduce amount of bullets to avoid by going between bottom left and lower right corners.

2 3
1 4

If you move between positions 1->2->3->4, dodging should be easier.
On even-numbered waves, after moving through the two sets of projectiles, go to bottom left/right corner.
Don't move too much horizontally when going from on even position to an odd-numbered one, or you'll have to deal with extra set of bullets.
If you're using Reimu (slow movement speed) or playing on a high difficulty, you might have to position some of those waves in center area.

If you still have a hard time on this spell, start at the bottom and slowly move forward. Once you'have gotten far enough, use a bomb and return to the bottom.

If you have high firepower, after Chimata comes back, you can go to bottom center and slowly move upward - you should defeat her before you get too close.

If you have Backdoor card, you can easily capture this by using it to clear the bullets as they converge. Keep in mind it won't erase offscreen bullets, so don't get too low.
It's also effective against some other Chimata's patterns; if you see it available at late game, you might want to purchase it.
Border Gap card also might be effective here, though it's not that useful otherwise. Be careful not to run into any lingering bullets as you warp.

Boss nonspell 2

Projectiles of 3 different colors on all difficulty levels. Bullet emitters rotate faster than on nonspell 1.
While the gaps are wide, bullets frequently overlap, so be careful.

"Danmaku Hoarder's Obsession"

Opens with an omnidirectional pattern; it's even-way on all difficulties other than Hard - dodge a projectile coming from below and stay there.
It's odd-way on Hard - move to an area where a projectile from below just passed and stay there.

Positions scattered bullets on the other side of the player from Chimata's point of view.
You can dodge it by circling around Chimata, though this takes time. It should be easy to go around the magical circle around Chimata.
If you dodge around a large area, bullet density will be lower, but you'll have to move more. The bullets get positioned fairly far away, so don't have to move too much.
Reimu's unfocused homing shot can be useful here, but you don't have to use it if you're not good at precise dodging.

Boss nonspell 3

Cyan and yellow projectiles on Normal and lower. Hard and above adds green ones.
Bullets quickly reach bottom area after being fired, so there's little time to safely shoot her down - bombs effectively deal less damage compared to other nonspells.

"Bullet Market" (E/N), "High-Density Bullet Market" (H), "Danmaku Free Market" (L)

Positions small violet bullets around the player (11-way on Easy, 16-way on Normal, 24-way on Hard, 26-way on Lunatic) that start moving towards the boss.
Also positions small red bullets around the boss at the same time; those bullets pursue the player (more aggressively on higher difficulties).
Be careful, if you don't properly lead the red bullets, you might get cornered. Also, if you get too close to the boss, you might get hit by the red bullets as they spawn, so keep your distance.
Chimata doesn't move on Hard and below. Stay low and move from center to an edge of the screen, then back to the center and to the opposite edge.
She starts moving around on Lunatic, move around as you pursue her.

Boss nonspell 4

On Normal and below, there's slow orange bullets and fast yellow bullets. Hard and above adds even faster red bullets.
Use vertical movement to avoid orange amulets without dealing with other projectiles at the same time.
On Hard and above, there will be a difficult spot where red and yellow bullet intersect. Once you've gone through yellow bullets 6 times, you might move to a side and wait there.

"Rainbow Ring of People"

50-second survival spellcard. Far easier than previous stage 6 survivals; it's easy to get consistent on this spellcard, so you want to practice it.
It's a winder pattern made of diamond-sh2aped bullets converging onto the center of screen; move along with it as it rotates.
Firing interval becomes shorter as time passes, increasing winder density.
There will be three instances where the pattern reverses its direction, making you go through a winder. If you're not good at this, feel free to bomb.
The magical circle going around screen borders will change direction as a warning, so get prepared once you notice this. Or you could watch the winder pattern for the change.

On Easy, the firing interval at very start is fairly long, making the winder pattern hard to make out. It might be easier to focus on pure dodging until the last 10-15 seconds. Same goes for first 10 seconds on Normal.
On Hard and above, it's already pretty fast in the beginning. If you're not good at avoiding bullets from behind or at pure dodging, higher difficulties might be easier.
You can use Vampire Fang to open up a gap in the winder. You can't use it every time due to its cooldown, but you can use it on 1st and 3rd instances.

The gaps between green and cyan, cyan and blue, blue and violet are wider compared to others, so you want to go into one of these.
You can start by going into gap between cyan and blue and aim for gap between yellow and orange next, but you'll have to go through several winders.
You also can start by going between green and cyan, and upon reversal, go through the green winder to end up between green and yellow. You'll have to maneuver only once, but the gap is narrower as well.

"Bullet Dominion" (E/N), "Tyrannical Bullet Dominion" (H), "Inhumane Bullet Dominion" (L)

Pattern depends on enemy position, fired at static angle.
Chimata starts moving starting from the second wave, adding an element of randomness, but the first wave is static.
However, projectile speed is high, and there's a lot of them, so dodging skills are still required.

On Easy, first wave has safespots at bottom left/right/center.
You can use the center position if you got hit on Rainbow Ring or are using Spell Practice.
Sanae at 4.0 power without any cards can wait out 1st wave in a corner, then use a bomb to finish the spellcard.

"Asylum of Danmaku"

This pattern has 4 phases; current phase will advance after 30 seconds even if you don't deal damage.
While it's a final spell, bombs still work. If you're simply aiming to clear the game, you can consistently go through this using 2 bombs.

First stage consists of omnidirectional small bullets + diamond bullets fired at regular intervals.
When the diamond-shaped bullets approach your character, entering the circle behind you, they change into knife bullets, aim at you and get fired after some time.
If you stand close to Chimata, you'll be able to change most of the diamond bullets into knives.
After the bullets get fired, quickly go down to dodge the small bullets, then go back up before the next wave gets fired. If that's too difficult, concentrate on dodging at the bottom.
Chimata starts moving in second stage; keep in front of her as you lead the knives.
In the third stage, diamond bullets start coming from the sides. Either focus on dodging horizontally, matching your vertical position to the gap in diamond bullets, or dodge in small circles.
Fourth stage adds diamond bullets coming from the top of screen (on Hard and above, they get fired from the bottom as well). However, the small bullets disappear. This is the hardest part of the spell - you have to dodge three unsynchronized sets of aimed bullets.
Dodge by collapsing the walls as you move in circles. Try to cluster as many bullets together as possible to avoid creating scattered sets of aimed bullets.

The knife positions in stages 3/4 match the trajectory of Annoying UFO; if you have it, you'll be able to clear most of them.