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Music List[edit]

Title Screen
Niji no Kakaru Gensoukyou
A Rainbow Spanning Gensokyo



This is the title screen theme.

A track that's refreshing, but still leaves a slightly lazy feeling. The rain may have lifted, but that doesn't make it any easier to get up and start being active, does it?

Stage 1 Theme
Youi-tachi no Toori Ame
A Shower of Strange Occurrences



This is the Stage 1 theme.

A track for flying over a forest in a downpour. When it comes to rainy music, the impression it gives flips by 180 degrees based on whether you make it feel damp, or give it a sense of speed. This track is in the latter category, befitting of Stage 1.

Stage 1 Boss - Mike Goutokuji's Theme
Daikichi Kitun
Kitten of Great Fortune

豪徳寺 ミケ(ごうとくじ みけ)のテーマです。


This is Mike Goutokuji's theme.

When you think of floods of customers and prosperous business, you think of the maneki-neko. I think this track's melody feels sort of Japanese, or sort of Chinese-- it's got an Oriental vibe of sorts. A bouncing, cat-like track. Cute, don't you think?

Stage 2 Theme
Shinryoku ni Kakusareta Dangai
The Cliff Hidden in Deep Green



This is the Stage 2 theme.

A track with a strong otherworldly feel to it right off the bat. The far reaches of a mountain are an Otherworld from a human's perspective, you know? Even with satellite photography showing us the whole world nowadays, mountain crags covered in deep forest are as alien as ever.

Stage 2 Boss - Takane Yamashiro's Theme
Bandettorī Tekunorojī
Banditry Technology

山城 たかね(やましろ たかね)のテーマです。


This is Takane Yamashiro's theme.

She's one of the yamawaro, the mountain youkai that serve as counterparts to the kappa. As befits an intellectually-leaning youkai(?), this track came out with the feeling that she's fighting you as if playing a game. It's an interesting track, with a nostalgic mood to it somewhere.

Stage 3 Theme
Komakusa Saku Pāpechuaru Sunō
The Perpetual Snow of Komakusa Blossoms



This is the Stage 3 theme.

I pictured a high, just slightly broad plateau atop a mountain. Since these kinds of flat plateaus are hard to reach, people long ago often called them hidden villages for the Taira or ninjas, didn't they? I don't think there's any truth to it, of course, but it's certainly romantic.

Stage 3 Boss - Sannyo Komakusa's Theme
Sumōkingu Doragon
Smoking Dragon

駒草 山如(こまくさ さんにょ)のテーマです。


This is Sannyo Komakusa's theme.

She's called Komakusa-dayuu thanks to how she dresses, and the pipe she holds in one hand. I composed a track with a strong, straightforward sense of individuality to it. I did try to make something more yakuza-ish, though. What's up with this "midboss" feeling...? Well, she is just serving as the gatekeeper; she's a midboss through and through.