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Unconnected Marketeers/Story/Prologue

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Extra Story 
 Reimu's Scenario
 Marisa's Scenario
 Sakuya's Scenario
 Sanae's Scenario


 〇2.ストーリー 2. Story
 ――博麗神社にて。 ---At the Hakurei Shrine.


"Reimu, take a look! What do you think this is?"

"This looks like a card with a drawing of that idiot on it......?"
"Try holding it."

 霧雨魔理沙はチルノが描かれたカードを、博麗霊夢に手渡した。 Marisa Kirisame handed Reimu Hakurei a card with a drawing of Cirno.


"This is cold! Were you cooling it or something?"

"Nah, that's the card's own doing.
This card has Cirno's magical powers contained within!"
"Then the rumors might have been true."



The rumor went that mysterious cards called Ability Cards were circulating about,

and that these cards contained the magical powers of various humans and youkai.
And, it was said that dealers of these cards were already lurking all over.



"The fact that these cards are in our hands must mean the rumors are true."

"Yeah. I suppose this is an incident... right?"



Not knowing the purpose or make of these cards, she went to investigate.

She'd first need to find a card dealer.