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Unconnected Marketeers/Translation/Afterword

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○東方虹龍洞 ~ Unconnected Marketeers.


                 上海アリス幻樂団長 ZUN


oTouhou Kouryuudou ~ Unconnected Marketeers.

 Character profiles, etc.

                 Head of Team Shanghai Alice, ZUN


■1.あとがき 1. Afterword


Good day, ZUN here.

Ah, it's finally done.
The world's in a mess due to the COVID crisis; our government is calling loudly for everyone to "stay home", and I feel they're shifting responsibility to the individual.



As for myself, I have been so busy developing this game that I had no other choice but to stay home.

I haven't been able to properly rest or play since the beginning of this year, so there's a lot of games that I have been wanting to play but haven't had a chance to do so.

マスターアップしたら温泉に行くんだー! 打ち上げで大騒ぎするぞー!


Once the mastering is finished, I want to go soak in a hot spring! And have a celebration and let loose!

But amid this COVID crisis, people are being asked to refrain from doing these things. How am I supposed to stay motivated then?
I can't enjoy these rewards, so game development is becoming more and more of a stoic process.
It's hell!

今回のゲーム、自分の腕だけが重要なシューティングに、把握しきれないくらいのアイテムという、少し相性の悪そうな内容を入れてみました。 In this game, I included two elements that might seem a little incompatible with each other - that of a shoot-em-up, where your skills as a shooter count for everything, as well as items so numerous that you can't count them all.


Interestingly, this turned out to be a great match, as the player is able to increase their skills by having fun playing the game over and over again in order to get more items.

Well, the system's not suited for arcades, where you'd want a game that can be played on the spot, but I think it's pretty good.



With that said, there's a big problem. With this many cards, debugging and balancing the game on my own is hard...

Even just testing all combinations of cards is nigh impossible for me to do.



So I'm sure there will be the odd issue or some stuff that's broken strong, and I'd appreciate it if you could go "it's a game, that's just the way games are" and laugh it off.

In particular, there's no way for me to try the replays with every card...



I suppose this is a limitation of developing a game on my own...

Even if there's some issues, please take it easy. m(__)m

ZUN(このゲームを作り終えても、家に篭もってゲームするんだ……) ZUN (After I finish making this game, I'm going to stay home playing even more games...)


Source: Omake.txt, included with Unconnected Marketeers