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Undefined Fantastic Object/Translation

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These pages contain the English transcript of Undefined Fantastic Object, for your reading pleasure.

The Japanese transcript has also been included in order to encourage fellow translators to chip in and make our translations more accurate and more useful.




  • Reimu's Scenario: A / B
  • Marisa's Scenario: A / B
  • Sanae's Scenario: A / B
  • Reimu's Extra: A / B
  • Marisa's Extra: A / B
  • Sanae's Extra: A / B

Other Translations

Difficulty Levels

Like most of the other Windows games, each of the difficulty levels has a special name and a short summary.

日曜シューター向け Easy Mode 昨今の急がしい人間に
For Sunday Shooters Easy Mode For humans with busy lives.
現役ゲーマー向け Normal Mode 好き好んでこんなゲームを選ぶ人に
For Active Gamers Normal Mode For people who play this sort of game because they like it.
幻想郷住人向け Hard Mode この世の中に馴染めない人に
For Gensokyo Residents Hard Mode For people who don't fit in well with the real world.
失われた民族向け Lunatic Mode 自分は選ばれた人間であると言い張る人に
For the Lost Race Lunatic Mode For people who insist they are chosen ones.
妖怪退治専門家向け Extra Mode 妖怪に出会っても決して怯まない人に
For Youkai Extermination Specialists Extra Mode For people who would never be afraid if they met a youkai.

Stage Titles

There are six stages in the full version of the game, plus one extra stage:

Stage 1 春の湊に船の影 A Ship's Shadow at the Spring Harbor
Stage 2 雲に潜む一つ目の化生 The One-eyed Monster Lurking in the Clouds
Stage 3 高速の廃墟と巨人 The High-speed Ruins and the Giant
Stage 4 聖輦と不吉な船長 The Unfortunate Captain of the Holy Palanquin
Stage 5 魔界の赤黒い封印 The Red and Black Seal of Makai
Stage 6 八苦を滅した尼公 The Nun Who Overcame the Eight Sufferings
Extra Stage 未確認飛行幻想物体 Unidentified Flying Fantastic Object

Shot Types

Each shot type in Undefined Fantastic Object has a description to add a bit of personality to it. The "attack types" are possibly an homage to other bullet hell games, which often use long strings of kanji to describe things like patterns and bosses.

Main Game

Reimu A
"Let's aim for the treasure ship and get rich quick!"
Single-Point Concentrated Attack Stress Type
"When you think of a treasure ship, you think of the Seven Gods of Fortune. And gods are where I enter the scene!"
Holding your strongest needles, face straight ahead and challenge the skies head-on!
Shot: Persuasion Needle (パスウェイジョンニードル)
Spell Card: Wild Exorcism Dance (退魔符乱舞)
Reimu B
"This is some youkai's doing again!"
Anti-pattern Stress Super-Homing Type
"I don't know if it's a treasure ship or what, but it's definitely the work of some youkai."
As always, follow your intuition and take down any youkai that crosses your path!
Shot: Homing Amulet (ホーミングアミュレット)
Spell Card: Dream Seal (夢想封印)
Marisa A
"If it's a treasure ship, there's gotta be treasure!"
Infinite Pierce & Ordinary Attack Type
"It's a treasure ship, so it's obviously loaded with treasure. You can't lie to me!"
Challenge the skies with the light of this ultimate magic that has no peer!
Shot: Illusion Laser (イリュージョンレーザー)
Spell Card: Master Spark (マスタースパーク)
Marisa B
"Whatever it is, I'm very interested in it."
Super Attack Scope Stress Type
"I saw it. There's no doubt there's something floating up in the sky. Time to head up there!"
With your mighty omni-directional magic, overlook not even the most trivial thing, even if it's behind you!
Shot: Super Short-Wave (スーパーショートウェーブ)
Spell Card: Ultimate Short-Wave (アルティメットショートウェーブ)
Sanae A
"I'll do as Lady Kanako says."
Single-Point Concentrated & Homing Type
"Lady Kanako is telling me to master youkai hunting too."
Brace for danger with the divine power of a serpent that devours evil!
Shot: Sky Serpent (スカイサーペント)
Spell Card: Orochi from Ancient Times (神代大蛇)
Sanae B
"I'll do as Lady Suwako says."
High-Power & Wide-Scope Explosion Type
"Lady Suwako seems to be sure that I'll find something good in the treasure ship."
Challenge the mysterious floating object with the divine power of a frog that will defeat enemies even after death!
Shot: Cobalt Spread (コバルトスプレッド)
Spell Card: Wily Toad (手管の蟇蛙)

Extra Stage

"That weird snake-looking shape-shifting thing in the UFO got away!"
Follow the UFO's trail!
Reimu Type A: Holding your mightiest needle, face straight ahead and uncover the UFO's true form!
Reimu Type B: Use your homing amulets to uncover the UFO's true form!
Marisa Type A: With the light of your ultimate magic without peer, uncover the UFO's true form!
Marisa Type B: Use your mighty omni-directional magic to uncover the UFO's true form!
Sanae Type A: Uncover the UFO's true form with the divine power of a serpent that devours evil!
Sanae Type B: Uncover the UFO's true form with the divine power of a frog that will defeat enemies even after it dies!

English Patch

The English translation patch is available for download at Gensokyo.org. To use it, you need to be running version 1.00b.