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Tips for each shot


Reimu's magic squares deal constant damage around themselves. A well-placed one such that the squares linger on top of a boss can pretty much skip the current nonspell or spell with one special attack.

Reimu's C3 spawns the notoriously large yin-yang orb bullets. Prioritize leveling up C3 to Lv8 to inflict maximum pain on your opponent.


Marisa's Special laser is the only piercing shot in the game (for now) and is highly effective at killing entire lines of fairies at once, or bypassing Nazrin's pendulums.

Her EX Special, although static, is very dense when leveled up and can create walls for the opponent when paired with regular EX attacks or Boss attacks.


Aunn's C2+ provides nearly a whole second of invincibility, which you can use to cross through a tough pattern.


Nazrin excels at easily reaching high hit combos, which send free EX Special and Boss attacks to your opponent.

Try quelling multiple spirits on screen at once, then using any of your special attacks to send it all at once.

Her C2 special is useful to kill spirits when you don't have direct line of sight to it (e.g. another enemy is blocking the way, or you're playing against Nazrin herself and there are pendulums on the field)

Nazrin's scope is extremely slow, but it always starts near your character. So when you notice it wandering towards a spirit you don't want it to (e.g. a spirit about to leave the screen), release the Charge button and press it again to recenter the scope on yourself.

Nazrin's focus speed is incredibly slow, so in most circumstances you want to be dodging unfocused. This can be either very fun or very unfun, depending on what you like.


Seiran's nonspell can be annoying since the triangle gets extremely wide (and scoping it will spread the bullets out and make it worse to dodge). However, keep in mind that since there are so many bullets, it's easy for the opponent to farm your nonspells for free charge meter.

Seiran's C2 is quite weak, so you usually want to use C1 instead.

Beast Spirit Behavior

From experimentation on trial v0.01 lunatic


The omake mentions that shooting down Pure Spirits (yellow wisps) will produce animal spirits on the opponent's field, and that the distance influences which spirit is spawned. From experimentation, here are the approximate distances:

  • Approximately 2/3 of the vertical height of the screen away from the player (Note that this is the absolute distance and applies horizontally too): Eagle
  • Half the remaining distance closer: Otter
  • The remaining distance up to point blank: Wolf

Note that the above also applies to Beast Spirits themselves, so for example an Eagle can be sent back to the opponent's field as a Wolf or vice versa.


The Eagle spirit spawns at the top of the field, and flies downward quickly at a diagonal angle. After some time has passed (immediately on Lunatic), it starts occasionally firing 6 blue arrowheads evenly around itself.

The Eagle can be a threat if large amounts of them are sent, as they fly downwards at high speed. If not quelled or killed, it's easy to be rammed by them.


The Otter spirit spawns at the side of the field at about the same vertical height the Pure Spirit was killed, and crisscrosses the screen left-right, slowly moving downwards while doing so. After some time has passed (immediately on Lunatic), it starts occasionally firing single downward-facing green arrowheads.


The Wolf spirit spawns at the top of the field, and flies directly downward in a straight line. After some time has passed (immediately on Lunatic), it starts occasionally firing red arrowheads aimed upward. Shortly after spawning, the arrowhead stops, aims at the player, then resumes movement.

Wolves can be threatening as their delay-aimed arrowheads can mess with your bullet reading.