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Mugetsu's unnamed world

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The world as seen in Lotus Land Story's Extra stage.


Official Games

Mugetsu's world is where the extra stage of Lotus Land Story is set. Details about this place are unclear, save for the fact that Mugetsu claims it's hers[1] and that she lives there with her older sister, Gengetsu. Its location or any relation to other realms (such as the Fantasy World, where the main story of Lotus Land Story takes place) is unknown. The scenery is shown to be purple with an odd number of stars and having what appears to be black flooring.

Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame travel through here without reason. They are attacked by bizarre stage enemies and halfway though they encounter a Mysterious Orb. Towards the end, they encounter Mugetsu. Reimu says to her that she smells "evil energy", much to Mugetsu's confusion. With that, the two fight, and Mugetsu is defeated, leading to Gengetsu coming along. She fights the heroine, but is defeated. She wonders why the heroines came, but they reveal they had no reason.