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運松 (うんしょう)
Unshou as depicted in Wild and Horned Hermit



Unknown, thought old age


Fisherman, Doctor


Human Village, Youkai Mountain

Print Works

Unshou (運松) is a fisherman turned doctor and resident of the Human Village.

Character Design


Unshou may have been based on Takatori Unshouan (鷹取 運松庵), a doctor from Chikuzen Province, or modern Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu, during the Genroku period. Legend has it his wife was touched by a kappa while in the bathroom and she cut off his arm. The kappa asked Takatori for the return of his arm, but he resisted. Again, the kappa asked and promised not to attack his wife again. Takatori asked what he wanted the arm for and the kappa said he would reattach it. Takatori said it was impossible, but if the kappa taught him how to do so, then he would reconnect the severed limb himself. In return, the kappa gave Takatori a special medicine that could heal cuts more effectively.


The first kanji of Unshou, , means fortune or luck. The second, , simply means pine.


Unshou is of advanced age and has the typical appearance of an old man. He is bald, with bushy eyebrows, eyes which are always squinted, and a goatee. He wears a kimono with sandals.


Wild and Horned Hermit

He is introduced in Wild and Horned Hermit chapter 11, as a fisherman who becomes a doctor that can heal any injury. As he demonstrates his newfound ability to the Human Village, a previously injured Marisa Kirisame comes upon him. Unshou heals her wound and the story is then related to Kasen Ibaraki.

After Kasen silently sneaks into his house for surveillance, she visits him the next day while he is fishing, and confronts him about the medicine and his claim about even being able to heal a missing arm. He states he gained his ability from medicine obtained from a kappa, which he received when he exchanged a kappa's arm he found.

Before they part, Unshou deduces Kasen's identity as a hermit. He apologizes and says it may be just his imagination, gained from intuition honed by staying on the mountain so often. As she leaves, she says to herself that Unshou is hermit-like.

Official Sources

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