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Music List[edit]

Title Theme
幻想郷学界 Gensokyo's Scientific World Gusano2314 (original: ElianTempest)


This is the title theme.

This piece is... weird. It feels like out of the place with the Touhou universe,
but yet it has the classic melody.

I wonder if that cave is actually an interesting place?

Stage 1 Theme
夜の湖上の不穏な飛行 Unpeaceful Flight Over the Night Lake Gusano2314


This is the Stage 1 theme.

I wanted to portray a very calm night on this song, but honestly,
it's anything but that. The pianos start slowly, but the rest of the song goes
fast. I just love pianos.
... It's hard to make songs in a very short period of time,
so it may not be my best.

Stage 1 Boss - Umibiyo Wanitori's theme
湖を渡るワニ Wani Crossing the Lake ElianTempest


This is Umibiyo Wanitori's theme.

I wanted to make a nice yet powerful theme, though, like most of my music,
sounds kinda weird (lol), it could be one of my best or not, either way,
it's a theme.

Stage 2 theme
どこかに続く洞窟 Cave Leading to Somewhere ElianTempest


This is the Stage 2 theme.

Ah, what a scary cave, wouldn't you say?
I tried getting the feeling of a dark empty cave while composing,
I think I did a good job. I do wonder... who's inside this cave?

Stage 2 Boss - Jun Rhodes-Rose's theme
深空のシーフ Deep Sky Thief Gusano2314


This is Jun Rhodes-Rose's theme.

I like how I did this, it starts very simple and then BOOM you start to
believe you heard this before.

Many people think they heard similar things when, in reality, the song
doesn't have any.

Stage 3 theme
イントゥ・クレイジーアンステーブルパワー Into Crazy Unstable Power Gusano2314


This is the Stage 3 theme.

This lab is such a strange place, so I brought some chromaticism to it.
Then, it goes dramatic with the piano and saw leads.

It is time to reach the culprit of this incident, I guess.

Stage 3 Boss - Rachel Michelangelo's theme
アニマジナブルパワー ~ 迷い科学者の憂鬱 Unimaginable Power ~ Melancholy of the Lost Scientist[1] Gusano2314 & Kaori Mystique


This is Rachel Michelangelo's theme.

Built using an old snippet of a friend, I made this song a bit experimental
to my tastes, it feels "unstable" due to the key changes. The stage 3 motif
was hard to add into this.
But well, I think it fits totally the character, she has a "sad" story and
only wants to go home.

Ending Theme
科学的な和平 Scientific Peace Gusano2314


This is the ending theme.

It's an arrangement of the final boss theme.
I guess Rachel just wanted to leave Gensokyo but wasn't brave enough
to just ask someone to help her exit without creating a mess.

Spell Practice Theme
レイトナイトスペルバトル Late Night Spell Battle ElianTempest


This is the spell practice theme.

I wanted to capture a fast paced spell battle, and I guess I succeded, but, I don't know, I just hope you like it ^^.

Gallery Theme
シーンリコーダー Scene Recorder Gusano2314


This is the Gallery theme.

It's an arrangement of the final boss theme, nothing special,
except I like how the piano sounds with it.

Pre-launcher Theme
死学の夜桜 Night Sakura of Dead Science ElianTempest (original: ZUN)


This is the launcher theme.[2]

It's TD stage 1 theme, beautiful. This theme really sounds great with
most things. If you're ever on a long drive, play
Night Sakura of Dead Spirits, I heard it makes you feel relaxed while you
drive. Just make sure to pay attention, OK?

  1. Misspelled as "Scientifist" in-game.
  2. Only used in the initial version, its role repurposed as the Gallery theme in the update.