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雲山 (うんざん)
ɯ̃ᵝnzã̠ɴ (♫)
Sprite of Unzan in Hopeless Masquerade
The Big Wheel, Having Guarded and Been Guarded
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Enlightened spirit, Nyuudou


Changing shape and size at will


Myouren Temple

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Unzan (雲山) is an old nyuudou, whose gender is male, controlled by Ichirin Kumoi. Being a cloud spirit, Unzan's true form is a mystery. Along with Ichirin, he guards the Palanquin Ship of his own accord in order to assist in the revival of Byakuren Hijiri.

General Information[edit]

Unzan, along with Ichirin Kumoi, first appeared as the Third stage boss of Undefined Fantastic Object and later both as a playable character of Hopeless Masquerade. As part of a team with Ichirin, they work together to face their challenges.


Unzan is a shy, but overbearing nyuudou who'll only talk to Ichirin Kumoi. However, when he really is angry, he'll thunder out.[1] Unzan is quiet and stubborn, with a strong sense of duty. While once feared, together with Ichirin, they rarely attack anyone.


Changing shape and size at will

By this ability, he is able to make his fists giant and strike the opponent (in other words, to hit), and shot unique danmaku. He can multiply, expand, and change form as he wishes, which incidentally explains his final spell card. Abling to change his fists, face and other parts (however, with no hitbox attached), he can cause many people who see it for the first time to be in blank amazement, and it was also reported that many people lost many lives at that time. Furthermore, even when he puts forth several fists and faces at the same time, it is not usually paid much attention to that it is an application of this ability (flash of insight).


Long ago, Unzan was a foreseeing-type nyuudou. Originally monks unable to see anything but their own feet, they hang their heads and hide their face, which you can't tell has grown large. Finally, when they raise their head, they decapitate you. One day, a young human girl picking flowers, Ichirin Kumoi, met him. However, before he could raise his head, she shouted, "The foreseeing nyuudou was foreseen!" This repelled him. Though normally it would be enough to make him fade away, the shock of his defeat prompted Unzan to devote the rest of his life to protecting her. Although she no longer had a need to fear youkai, this caused humans to hate her, instead. Then before she knew it, she too had become a youkai.

Finally, because of her acceptance of youkai, such as nyuudou, and her understanding of the human heart, she and Unzan were converted by Hijiri Byakuren and joined her.

Background Information[edit]


A possible source of inspiration for the Unzan and Ichirin character is an old Japanese tale about tsukumogami (youkai born from an old object attaining a spirit of its own after being around for 100 years). This story features a tsukumogami born from a Buddhist rosary called Ichiren Nyuudou.


His name is Unzan (雲山), which means "Clouded Mountain" or "Mountain of Clouds". A nyuudou cloud (入道雲) is a Japanese term for cumulonimbus cloud or thunderhead. Unzan being purple is a reference to the purple cloud leading to where Myouren was.


The sprite of Unzan in Undefined Fantastic Object and Hopeless Masquerade shows that he is a pink/reddish cloud with the face of an old man with a beard. Due to his ability, he's shown to have multiple fists and heads.

Unzan's Appearances[edit]

Undefined Fantastic Object

Unzan stands guard with Ichirin at the Palanquin Ship in order to keep those who would prevent Byakuren Hijiri's revival away. During their battle with the heroine, he uses his fists as projectiles to try and defeat the heroine.


Ichirin Kumoi

The Wheel That Guards, Unzan's life is devoted to watching over Ichirin, his partner and handler. Since he is very shy, he talks quietly and only to her, causing her to be his spokeswoman of sorts.

Koishi Komeiji

Unzan is revealed to be able to notice Koishi Komeiji before Ichirin does, and apparently gets along well enough to have Koishi call him "Uncle Nyuudo".[2]

Spell Cards[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

  • Essentially, Unzan is the Stage 3 boss in Undefined Fantastic Object and not Ichirin; Ichirin herself came as a way to have an actual character on the screen to shoot at.[1]
  • Unzan is the first male character to appear in a Windows game.
  • Unzan is (may be) the first male character in the Touhou Project to have become a playable character – in Hopeless Masquerade.


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