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This page describes Reimu Hakurei's moveset in Urban Legend in Limbo.

Attack Descriptions[edit]

Melee Attacks[edit]

A (4A / CloseA part 1) - A low kick.
AA (CloseA part 2) - A second low kick.
AAA (CloseA part 3) - A strike with Reimu's weapon.
AAAA (CloseA part 4) - A wide, horizontal strike with Reimu's weapon.
AAA2A (CloseA part 4) - A downwards kick.
AAA8A (CloseA part 4) - An upwards kick.
AAAnAA (CloseA part 5) - Youkai Buster. Same as 6C.
AAAnA2A (CloseA part 5) - Subspace Pressure Point. Same as 2C.
AAAnA8A (CloseA part 5) - Aerial Ascension Kick. Same as 8C.
FarA - A large swing with Reimu's weapon.
6A - A strike with Reimu's weapon.
2A - Jumps slightly and then kicks down.
8A - An upwards kick.

Jump Attacks[edit]

JA - A swing with Reimu's weapon.
J6A - A flying kick, but actually slightly shorter range than JA.
J2A - A downwards kick that differs based on where you use it.
J8A - An upwards kick that differs based on where you use it.

Dash Attacks[edit]

DA - Reimu thrusts her weapon in front. Doesn't go very far.
DB - A flying kick that can graze projectiles.

Projectile Attacks[edit]

B - Hakurei Amulet, a 5-way bullet. 2B and 8B angle it up and down.
6B - Straight line of needles in front.
ChargeB - Yin-yang orb.
SuperchargeB - 5-way yin-yang orbs.

Special Attacks[edit]

C - Gliding Triangle Jump. When used in mid- or high-altitude, first dashes forward and up before angling forward and down. When used in low-altitude, Reimu dashes diagonally down first, then back up. Its range cannot be altered, so using it effectively requires good spacing.
2C - Subspace Pressure Point. Jumps into the air, then vanish before reappearing in a different location for an angled dive kick.
4C - Quick-Witted Sanctuary Amulet. Creates a barrier in front of Reimu that blocks one projectile.
6C - Youkai Buster. Fires fast-moving projectile in a narrow cone in front of Reimu that travel the entire screen.
8C - Aerial Ascension Kick. Delivers a kick that travels straight upwards a short distance.

Occult Attacks[edit]

A+B - Great Hakurei Barrier Gap

Calls stupas out of a gap. Hits once when it appears and again when it fires the stupas. For each occult ball from 1 to 4, you get that many stupas.

Spell Cards[edit]

Spirit Sign "Dream Seal"
Divine Skill "Eight-Way Dragon-Killing Circle"
Treasure Tool "Yin-Yang Flying Bird Well"

Strange Last Word[edit]

There Was a Shrine Maiden in a Gap Like That!?

Basic 6A>6B>6C Combos[edit]

6A>6B>6C - 2047 damage, costs 2 spirit

Reimu's easiest combo. Hold down 6 and press A, B, and C to get a combo. If all of 6B and 6C hit, you can stun them. To do this, you have to time the button presses well.

6A>6B>6C>9>6C - 2450 damage, costs 3 spirit

An extra 6C followup on the first combo. You can hold 6 throughout this one as well. After 6A>6B>6C, hold 6 and press jump; you can use 6C as soon as you jump. Practice getting good at linking the 6C>9>6C part.

6A>6B>6C>9>JA>J6A>6C - 2800 damage, costs 3 spirit, near edge

The previous combo with JA>J6A in the middle. You have to be near the edge for this. You only need to let go of 6 for the JA. After that, you can hold it down for the rest.

FarA>6A>6B>6C>9>JA>J6A>6C - 2805 damage, costs 3 spirit, near edge

The same combo as before with a FarA added to the beginning.

JA>FarA>6A>6B>6C>9>JA>J6A>6C - 2927 damage, costs 3 spirit, near edge

Same again, but with another JA added to the beginning. Uses a technique where landing right after you use JA cancels the ending animation and allows you to do your next attack right away. If you're too close after the JA, it will be a CloseA and not a FarA, so be careful.

JA>FarA>6A>6B>6C>9>JA>J6A>6C>Quick Declare>Dream Seal - 4162 damage, costs 3 spirit and a spell card, near edge

The same with a quick declare + spell card at the end. You can do this with Eight-Way Dragon-Killing Circle as well, but it's somewhat harder. After the last 6C, immediately press the Spell Card button twice. The enemy will have already bounced off the wall twice, so if you a little late, it won't connect. This links off the initial JA, but you can also start it from the FarA or the 6A.

JA>FarA>6A>6B>6C>9>JA>J6A>6C>Quick Declare>Dream Seal>9>8C - 4330 damage, costs 4 spirit and a spell card, near edge
JA>FarA>6A>6B>6C>9>JA>J6A>6C>Quick Declare>Dream Seal>LW - 6412 damage, costs 3 spirit, a spell card, and at least 4 Occult Balls, near edge