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Urban Legend in Limbo/Story

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General Story

Reimu's Story (Prologue)

Marisa's Story

Kasen's Story

Ichirin's Story

Byakuren's Story

Futo's Story

Miko's Story

Mamizou's Story

Mokou's Story

Shinmyoumaru's Story

Nitori's Story

Koishi's Story

Kokoro's Story

Sumireko's Story

Reimu's Story (Final)

Reisen's Story (Extra)


Marisa's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Marisa returns to Gensokyo after fighting Sumireko, feeling almost as if the whole thing was just a dream. She excitedly tells Reimu about her experience in the Outside World, though Reimu brushes it off as some mushroom-induced hallucination. Marisa notices an Occult Ball hovering around Reimu, meaning that the Hakurei Barrier is still in danger... but she feels that if she can get another chance to visit the outside, that might not be such a bad thing.

Kasen's Ending

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Kasen returns after spending three days outside, and is greeted by Mamizou upon arrival. Mamizou asks what she was doing outside, to which Kasen replies that she was looking for something (though she never found it in the end). At Mamizou's insistence, she explains the nature of the Occult Balls, though she deliberately neglects to mention Sumireko herself.

Ichirin's Ending

Show Ending Summary

After collecting a full set of Occult Balls, Ichirin is sent to the outside world. She recounts her experience to Byakuren a few days later, mentioning the amazing scenery and the strange, omnipresent atmosphere that seemed to be denying her very presence there. When she came to, the whole thing felt like it was just a dream; Byakuren speculates that Ichirin went to the world of enlightenment, but it was too early for her to become enlightened herself. (Ichirin thinks to herself that if that's really the case, she'd never want to reach enlightenment as long as she lives.)

Byakuren's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Byakuren stores the Occult Balls she's collected in a Buddha statue at the Myouren Temple for safe keeping. As soon as she turns her back on it, though, the statue mysteriously vanishes. Byakuren is relieved that she didn't end up vanishing herself, briefly muses on where the statue could've ended up... and notices, to her shock, that a new Occult Ball has already found its way into her hand.

Futo's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Futo successfully collects a full set of Occult Balls, but since they're in Senkai rather than Gensokyo proper, they fail to activate. Miko takes note of this, and thanks Futo for inadvertently helping with her investigation of the balls. Futo is disappointed that the rumors weren't true, and that she'll still have to keep searching for her tenth plate for the foreseeable future.

Miko's Ending

Show Ending Summary

With most of the Occult Balls safely quarantined in the Divine Spirit Mausoleum, Miko and Futo find themselves swamped by worshipers begging to be given access to the balls. After lecturing the crowd and sending them away, Miko supposes that someone-- likely the shadow lurking around the Hakurei Shrine-- has been deliberately spreading more rumors to get the balls back in circulation. She also finds the Lunar Capital orb mixed in with the others, but doesn't realize the full implications of this.

Mamizou's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Mamizou returns to Gensokyo and convenes with Kasen. She reveals that she pretended to lose her battle with Sumireko, and that the Power Stone she gave her was actually one of her tanuki underlings in disguise. When Sumireko prepares to enter Gensokyo, the tanuki will signal them, at which point they'll pull Sumireko in and trap her. The narration then goes on to explain the two main methods of crossing Gensokyo's barrier. The first is to be "spirited away" across the border, which is often temporary; Sumireko had been entering Gensokyo via this method until then, which made it impossible to properly retaliate against her. The second is to cross over the border via proper procedures, which has no time limit; this is how they'll trap Sumireko inside.

Mokou's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Mokou and Sumireko are forced to end their battle as Mokou's time runs out and she returns to Gensokyo. They both had a lot of fun; Mokou in particular enjoyed the rare feeling of being near death, and says that she's really looking forward to their next meeting. Sumireko tearfully looks on as Mokou vanishes.

Shinmyoumaru's Ending

Show Ending Summary

After Shinmyoumaru returns to Gensokyo, Reimu finds her quaking in terror near the Hakurei Shrine. She has little sympathy for Shinmyoumaru, since it's her own fault that she collected the Occult Balls. The narration explains that Shinmyoumaru never really believed the rumors about getting bigger, but still felt compelled to make sure. In the end, she was just reminded of how big the rest of the world was compared to her.

Nitori's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Having realized that the real Nessie is following her around, Nitori ditches her plans to make money off of her mechanical version and sets up shop near the Human Village. She sells Nessie goods in addition to letting people have a look at the beast; it's not really scary and most of the viewers are skeptical about it, but it's doing a fine job as a tourist attraction nonetheless. Nitori does regret wasting all that time trying to sell Occult Balls, though.

Koishi's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Koishi returns to the Palace of the Earth Spirits after fighting Sumireko, and happily talks to Satori about it. Satori tells her about the various worlds on the surface besides Gensokyo, with the outside world being the scariest of them all. Koishi then shows her Sumireko's phone, which she dropped in her haste. Satori is confused by how few buttons the thing has. Koishi is happy that she finally managed to scare someone with Miss Mary.

Kokoro's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Kokoro drifts around the Human Village at night, practicing her kuchisake-onna routine. She figures that since the kuchisake-onna cuts up her victim regardless of whether they say she's pretty or not, next time she'll skip the question and just attack them right away. Sumireko then comes along, as seen in her own story mode; upon seeing her foreign abilities and weapons, Kokoro feels the emotion of surprise for the first time in a long while.

Sumireko's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Sumireko returns to the outside world via the Occult Balls, pausing to catch her breath in an alley. She's still not officially released from Gensokyo, though, so she needs to plan a counterattack before she's pulled back. Remembering her original plan to destroy the barrier by fully activating the Occult Balls, she decides to become the barrier-destroying agent herself and bring Gensokyo down with her.

Reimu's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Reimu stops Sumireko from activating the Occult Balls just in time, and takes her back to Gensokyo for safe keeping. After some discussion, Reimu and the others decide that it'll be fine to let Sumireko go, since the Occult Balls have been sent back outside and she's probably learned her lesson. Mamizou also volunteers to keep an eye on her.

A few days later, though, Sumireko suddenly appears at the Hakurei Shrine. While she won't be physically visiting Gensokyo again, she can still appear there in her dreams and explore. Reimu gives her back the zener cards Mokou meant to return to her, and comments that Mokou probably just wanted an excuse to see Sumireko again. The narration then elaborates on how Sumireko now explores Gensokyo all the time in her dreams, becoming a brief sensation by telling stories from the Outside World. All this excitement and social interaction is a huge change from the boring life she's led up until now; the narration likens it to the Yellow Emperor's dream of paradise, from which he learned the virtues he applied to his kingdom. ...Sumireko's new habit of sleeping through half the day does bring its own set of problems, though.

Reisen's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Reisen manages to endure Mokou’s all-out attack. Suddenly, Mokou vanishes and a badly hurt Reimu reappears back in her place. Reisen reports this phenomenon back to her master, hoping she would have an answer. However, Eirin didn’t know what to do because this was an unforeseen outcome, even for her. She states that it likely originated in Gensokyo, so the Lunarians had nothing to do with it. Eientei is declared neutral and the problem was left for the earthlings to settle on their own. Despite this, Reisen expresses her disagreement because she had already become an earth rabbit whose daily life is influenced by the happenings of the Earth.

Soon afterward, events similar to Reimu and Mokou’s experience began occurring more frequently. This strange “Perfect Possession” phenomenon swept across Gensokyo, gradually becoming a norm.

...And at the time, no one had thought it would later develop into a fierce conflict.