Urban Legend in Limbo/Story

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General Story[edit]

Reimu's Story (Prologue)[edit]

Marisa's Story[edit]

Kasen's Story[edit]

Ichirin's Story[edit]

Byakuren's Story[edit]

Futo's Story[edit]

Miko's Story[edit]

Mamizou's Story[edit]

Mokou's Story[edit]

Shinmyoumaru's Story[edit]

Nitori's Story[edit]

Koishi's Story[edit]

Kokoro's Story[edit]

Sumireko's Story[edit]

Reimu's Story (Final)[edit]

Reisen's Story (Extra)[edit]


Marisa's Ending[edit]

Kasen's Ending[edit]

Ichirin's Ending[edit]

Byakuren's Ending[edit]

Futo's Ending[edit]

Miko's Ending[edit]

Mamizou's Ending[edit]

Mokou's Ending[edit]

Shinmyoumaru's Ending[edit]

Nitori's Ending[edit]

Koishi's Ending[edit]

Kokoro's Ending[edit]

Sumireko's Ending[edit]

Reimu's Ending[edit]

Reisen's Ending[edit]