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 子供の時から怖い話とか都市伝説とか好きだったんですよねぇ。毎年、夏になるとオカルト都市伝説とかやっていて、ワクワクした物です。そして案の定、夜トイレに行けなくなる。(昔のトイレは離れた場所にあったり、照明も暗かったよなぁ) When I was a kid I used to like horror stories and urban legends. They were a source of excitement every summer, and of course, made it so I never went to the toilet at night. (Back then, they were placed far away and were poorly lit, you see.)
 最近はそういう心霊番組もめっきり減った……と心象でで決めつけては良くない! They don't have paranormal shows any more... But if you agree, you'd be wrong!
 心霊番組は最近また増えた気がするし、ネットでは怖い話やオカルトを目にする事も珍しくないです。意外な事にネットで作られた怖い話の中でも、出来の良い物は知名度が高く、簡単にメジャーな伝説の仲間入りしている樣です。 I feel there has been a resurgence in those kinds of shows lately, and it's not rare to see horror stories and accounts of the occult on the internet these days. Unexpectedly, it looks like the good horror stories from the internet are becoming well known and easily joining the ranks of mainstream legends.
 今回は『八尺さま』という怪物も取り入れてみましたが如何でしょうか? 知っている方が多ければ、これはもう定番の域に達していると言えるでしょう。 What did you think about my adding of the monster known as the Hasshaku? If enough people know of her, then it's probably safe to say she has become a classic.
 『八尺さま』ですが、本当言うと新しい怪談なのでまだ作者がいるはずです。これを創った方の話を聞いてみたいんですけど……。都市伝説は作者不明なのが売りだから、難しいのかなぁ。(場合によっては二次創作の許可を得らないとね) To say the truth, the story concerning her is rather new so there has to be an author. I wanted to ask the author about this, but... the authors of urban legends are meant to be unknown, so that was difficult. (Depending on the situation, you really should ask permission for derivative works.)[1]
ZUN(霊的な物はお酒呑まないと見られません) ZUN (I don't see spiritual stuff if I don't drink)


  1. Refers to the revision of Japan's copyright rules under the TPP; If it passes, not only the copyright holder but anybody can take legal action for copyright violation.