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牛崎 (うしざき) 潤美 (うるみ)
Urumi Ushizaki
ɯɕizaki ɯɾɯmi
Urumi Ushizaki
Parental Guardian of Ancient Fish
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Changing the weight of everyday objects


Sanzu River, Gensokyo[1]

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"I'm an ushi-oni. I live by the River.
If you want to turn back now, I can send you home safely..."

Urumi Ushizaki (Wily Beast and Weakest Creature Stage 2)

Urumi Ushizaki (牛崎 潤美 Ushizaki Urumi) is an ushi-oni who runs a fishery at the Sanzu River. Though she was once a fearsome youkai who attacked humans, she now leads a relatively peaceful life, and sometimes turns lost travelers back from the river.[1] Urumi first appeared as the Stage 2 mid-boss and Boss in Wily Beast and Weakest Creature.

General Information[edit]


She's initially surprised to see the protagonists attempting to fly over the river, and threatens them in an attempt to chase them off (or possibly just to get some excitement, since the protagonists are strong enough to be considered "fair game" by some youkai). Despite her initial hostility, she helpfully points them toward Higan and casually chats with them after being defeated, and asks them to tell her stories about Hell on their way back.


Changing the weight of everyday objects

Urumi can change the weight of things she is close to. This is seen in her fight in Wily Beast and Weakest Creature with her enlarging her danmaku.


Back then, Urumi was known for her cruelty in attacking humans. Even since that was forbidden in Gensokyo, she currently runs a fishery located at the Sanzu River. In her day-to-day life, Urumi tends to the prehistoric fish that live in the river and sometimes sells them in Gensokyo. [1] Occasionally, she's also known for sending those who mistakenly attempt to cross the river back into their original world.


Stone Baby

Urumi possesses a heavy stone in a shape of an infant, which she presumably uses to lure and drown people with it.

Character Design[edit]


Urumi is an ushi-oni (牛鬼, lit. "cow oni"), a youkai typically depicted as a giant spider with a cow's head and vicious claws. Ushi-oni folklore varies greatly from region to region, but Urumi appears to be specifically based on folklore from the San'in region: a woman asks a passerby to hold her baby, only for the baby to turn to stone and weigh them down, while the ushi-oni emerges from a nearby body of water to attack. The concept of "a woman who hands passersby an unexpectedly heavy baby" is shared by the nure-onna (濡女, lit. "wet woman"), which may also have served as inspiration for Urumi.


Her full name is Urumi Ushizaki (牛崎 潤美). Urumi is spelled with the characters uru (), meaning "moist", and mi (), meaning "beauty". The word urumi (潤み) is also a common noun meaning "moisture", presumably in reference to the nure-onna youkai mentioned above. Incidentally, "urumi" is also the name of a flexible sword that originates from the Indian subcontinent.

Ushizaki is spelled with the characters ushi (), meaning "bovine", and zaki/saki (), meaning "cape". The on'yomi reading of the characters also happens to be gyuuki, which is the same as the on'yomi reading of Urumi's species (牛鬼). Her surname is also a homophone for ushi-zaki (牛裂き, lit. "cow tearing"), a form of execution where the condemned was tied to bulls before being drawn and quartered.


Urumi wears a loose cow-spotted jacket with black borders over a yellow crop-top with long yellow shorts. She wears sandals and holds a baby-shaped stone in her arms. She has horns like an Oni, though she is not a Hell Oni but an Ushi-Oni. Half of her hair is black, the other half is light grey. She has a light tan and bright red eyes. She also has cow ears and a tail.


Urumi's sprite in WBaWC


Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

While the heroines got lost in the middle of the Sanzu River, she appears and offers to return the heroines back to where they came from, but was replied rudely. She then wanted to feed the heroines to the ancient fish living in the Sanzu River, but has failed. Her fight lead the heroines to Higan, which was their destination.


Komachi Onozuka (possibly)

On Marisa's Wolf Scenario, she mentioned that Marisa could've asked the shinigami to take her to Higan. This could possibly imply that Urumi and Komachi know each other to an extent.



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