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Hello, my name is 495Go! And i've been a huge Touhou Project fan for about six years now and in that time i've collected lots of Touhou Project merchandise and most of the official games. My favorite game from the series is Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, that's also the game that one of my favorite characters from the series is from, Flandre Scarlet as you can probably tell by my name. And my other favorites are Koishi Komeiji and Nue Houjuu! I adore the character designs from the Touhou Project, but the main reason i got into the Touhou Project is because of the BGM. I absolutely love the BGM from the Touhou Project, and i wish i could meet ZUN to thank him for the creation of the Touhou Project. And just a little fun fact, my fifth grade teacher was actually a really big fan of the Touhou Project too, we were practically best friends at the time and i want to thank her and ZUN for helping me through the difficult times i was going through back then. And i still believe that one day i too, will pass into fantasy.