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One day I'll get all the pages for the IOSYS albums done... one day... Anyway, all up to year 2011 have been done (But will have to re-check all the translations, some are way off)

If anyone wants to complete any of the following pages, that would be awesome.

Grimoire of IOSYS – 東方 BEST ALBUM vol.2てっぺい先生のパーフェクトヴァイオリン教室東方紫雨天獄東方うたうちれいでん燃えろ!東方ブラスバンド生Night Gypsy – 東方JAZZROCK -Grimoire of IOSYS – 東方BEST ALBUM vol.3TOHO EDMROCKIN'ON TOUHOU VOL.1Re:takesPUNK IT! TOUHOU!Stellar Nursery背徳のファンタスマゴリアROCKIN'ON TOUHOU VOL.2RoughSketch TOHO WORKS 2007-2012

ADCK (talk) 15:24, 22 July 2013 (UTC)