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About Me[edit]

Hello! My Name is Abu, born September 7th 1988, and living in Germany, Bavaria. I do not really talk that much about myself and i'm somewhat little weird at talking. My english can be somewhat broken because i had no English Class at School.

In Touhou, am i just a Part Time-Player and play mostly on Normal difficulties. Also do i play the Series for Fun and not for real Skill. The only Game i really enjoy to play on Lunatic is Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

The Nickname Abu comes from the Japanese name of the Pokémon Absol (アブソル Abusoru).

Phantasmagoria of Flower View[edit]

My actual goal is to beat Lunatic at every Character. But that isn´t really a Cakewalk. Mostly aganist Aya or Eiki have i my major Problems to clear the Game 1cc.

My Score Record on PoFV on Lunatic is 128.742.360 Points with Cirno. Also with an incredible epic 5 Deaths-Failure on Eiki itself! Hooray! \ ^O^ /

There is the Replay-File if you might to be intrested to watch it File:Th9 ude1d7.rpy

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