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About Me

Well, I'm a 27-year-old Touhou fanatic. I'd first heard of it a couple years back, I think around the time MoF came out, and once I'd played a few, have been an avid follower of both official and unofficial Touhou since SA. I've played all the Windows games by now, and I think my favorites are MoF and UFO, although PCB still holds a special place in my heart. I am also quite fond of both DS and StB.


Non-Touhou players think I'm awesome, but I know otherwise. I'm decent, but far from truly awe-inspiring; the best I can do right now is 1cc's on Easy. I'm working on doing Normal 1cc's, but the best I can do is getting to stage 5; I generally have to continue at that point.

My Favorite Characters & References

I really like Nitori. She's all high-tech and stuff. "Aww, my optical camouflage suit broke!!" Also, Aya's shameless reporting style (I think everyone who likes her does so for that reason, though). The way Alice can be polite yet chauvinistic will always astound me. I also think Medicine is adorable, and Yuka is pretty entertaining too.

Also, let it be known that A<3 knows about and here pays homage to IN's infamous Malice Cannon.

Malice Cannon!!